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Woman Who Danced With Obamas…Can’t Get ID to Vote

Now I know things are effed up with the DC Government – but this is ridiculous…

Virginia McLaurin Danced With The Obamas, But She Can’t Get Photo ID

She’s been seen online 66 million times, but the D.C. government still won’t let her get a new license.

Plenty of people recognize Virginia McLaurin these days. The 107-year-old woman became an Internet sensation after the White House posted video of her joyfully dancing with the Obamas. The video has been viewed nearly 66 million times.

But that recognition isn’t enough for Washington, D.C.’s Department of Motor Vehicles, which won’t issue McLaurin a new photo ID.

In an interview with The Washington Post, McLaurin described how lost her photo ID years ago when her purse was stolen. She and her son recently met with a DMV official to try to replace it. But because of strict new federal guidelines, she needs to show her birth certificate to get a new ID. And in order to get her birth certificate from South Carolina, she needs to show photo ID.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get that face card,” McLaurin told The Washington Post. “I was birthed by a midwife and the birthday put in a Bible somewhere. I don’t know if they even had birth certificates back then.”

She has a temporary ID, but that won’t work if she wants to fly, for example.

McLaurin is, however, still able to vote. That’s because Washington, D.C., doesn’t require photo ID in order to cast a ballot. But in many other states, McLaurin wouldn’t be so fortunate.

Seventeen states have some sort of photo ID law in place for the 2016 elections, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In recent years, GOP politicians across the nation have pushed through a number of measures restricting access to the ballot box. These laws tend to disproportionately affect African-American, Latino, elderly and low-income voters — who also, not coincidentally, generally support Democrats.

“It’s sad to see my mother having to stand in lines, getting tired,” Felipe Cardoso, McLaurin’s son, said. “She can’t understand how her picture could be in all those newspapers and all over the Internet, how so many people could recognize her on the street and want to take selfies with her, and she can’t even get a photo ID.”

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Et Tu Faux News? Faux Shoots Down Birther Whack Jobs

A day after CNN blew canyon size holes in Trump for his idiotic ramblings on Obama’s Birth Certificate – Faux News’ Shep Smith crushes Franklin Graham…

Apparently the idiot son of the late Evangelist Billy Graham…

Sometimes I believe what Democrats ought to do when Rethugs want “Voter IDs” is to tack on a retirement that the potential voter be smart enough to be a citizen of the United States. Anyone stupid enough to believe this “Birther” crap ought to be deported as an “illiterate alien”.


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Bither Slap-Down in Court

Orly Taitz Sanctioned for $20,000

The “Birther queen” has been slapped with a five-figure fine for “wasting the judicial resources” of the Middle District of Georgia, where she’d filed one of her numerous lawsuits demanding that President Obama prove his citizenship before deploying soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan. The judgment, which calls Taitz’s case and tactics “delusional”:

Counsel Orly Taitz is hereby ordered to pay $20,000.00 to the United States, through the Middle District of Georgia Clerk’s Office, within thirty days of the date of this Order as a sanction for her misconduct in violation of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

About time! Looks like at least one Court is taking a dim view of having their time wasted on frivolous lawsuits. Perhaps the others will follow suit…


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