Bill Maher eviscerates Dinesh D’Souza

Damn! – With room to park a brand new bus sized RV in his shiny new azzh…


Bill Maher – The Problem With Racism In This Country Is…

I think Maher hits the nail right on the head here… But Drudge is just symbolic of a number of right-wing sites…

Bill Maher – Who is More Successful – Obama or Romney?

Interesting viewpoint…



Bill Maher – Trayvon Killed Because of Democrat Complicity on Gun Control

Bill has this one right. The whack jobs in this country have gotten way to much power on gun control and need badly to be reigned in…

KKK Leader David Duke Too “Liberal” To Run as a Republican?

Bill Maher … New Rules.


Baseball and Football, Conservative Economics vs Progressive “Socialism”

Bill Maher explains why Football’s socialist economics has beat out baseballs conservative disaster -

This one is a brilliant comparison of why conservatism fails.


Bill Maher calls Obama ‘Wimpy,’ ‘Wussy’, – says he thought the 1st Black Prez would be “Gangsta”

Bill Maher wants Obama to find a backbone…


Maher Takes On Rally To Restore Sanity

Bill Maher hits this one on the head. The “Rally to restore sanity”…


Bill Maher – I Want a Real Black President

Bill is channeling what a lot of us have come to believe about President Obama…

He is waaaaaay too Milquetoast.

You keep waiting for that “inner Negro” to come out…

And he keeps waffling.

BTW – the title on the video is not mine. I got it from a conservative racism chaser!

Bill Maher on Common Sense

Maher makes a lot of sense on this one.

Even better – The Dick is a Liar!

more about “Bill Maher Interview With Larry King …“, posted with vodpod

Bill Maher New Rules: Obama ‘Stand up for the 70% of Americans who aren’t crazy.’ Grow a Pair!

Grow a Pair, Mr. President!

The C Street Crew – Be More Like Hitler or Pol Pot

This is like  something out of a “B” movie, where an evil group tries to take over the world. The most despicable part of these guys is the fact they believe that God has made them powerful men, and as such they are not accountable, or limited by morals. Hitler, as one of the “select”, as such – isn’t morally responsible for the millions he had murdered.

Hate to say it – but it’s getting on time to start looking at some of these folks…

For Treason.

Maher – New Rules 6/12 – Time to Put it In Gear, President Obama

Maher hits this one out of the park! Starting about 3:30 minute in the video, Maher starts to seriously hang some foot in tush about Obama not seriously confronting the banks, the energy companies, and the Health Care industry head on.

You seen the gas prices creeping up over $3.00 a gallon…

In the middle of the worst economic collapse since the 30′s, massive unemployment, and nervousness resulting in a 20% drop in consumption…

And the price is going up?

F this bull about listening to the syncopated squealing by the Reich in this country – President Obama. You won by a landslide, and the Dems are going to win by a landslide in 2010 – providing they don’t get timid and stupid…

And stick together.

It really is past time to kick ass and take names.


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