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Queen Be Rocks CMA With Dixie Chicks

Beyonce teamed up with the Dixie Chicks to blow away the Country Music Awards last night, with one of her songs which quite literally falls into the “Country” category. I missed it…I confess, I was watching my adopted team, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

Admittedly, minority Country genre musicians are still rather sparse on the ground – but that has more to do with interest anymore than major obstacles due to race.

Of course there was the inevitable pushback by that section of the population of racist cretins – but having Beyonce perform her own country song, certainly opens up the minds of a lot of folks who automatically discard the genre as limited.

Smart move CMA!

And as usual, a great performance by Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks.



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Conservative Anti-Beyonce Protest…Goes Bust

So much for conservative whimpering outrage…

Lonely trio of anti-Beyoncé protesters shocked that thousands didn’t show up

For the first hour, not a single anti-Beyoncé protester turned up to the anti-Beyoncé protest outside the National Football League headquarters in New York.

“There are no haters here to hate on,” said Mary Pryor, organizer of a pro-Beyoncé and Black Lives Matter counter-protest.

Sparked by an Eventbrite event – which, as the Daily Beast noted , doesn’t appear to have been started by an actual protest group but just by a single person – police cordoned off some of Park Avenue in anticipation of people protesting againstBeyoncé’s Super Bowl half-time performance of her black pride song Formation, which featured dancers dressed as Black Panther activists .

Instead, about 30 pro-Beyoncé and Black Lives Matter supporters waited, holding signs proclaiming “Get information” (lyrics from Beyoncé’s Formation “get information/get in formation”) and “Pro black doesn’t mean anti white”.

At 9am, Tim Winterhalter turned up dressed in a New York Giants jersey for the anti-Beyoncé side.

“To be honest, I didn’t even watch the half-time show,” Winterhalter said. But he said he had seen the news coverage and the Eventbrite page and wanted to come “check everything out”, as he was annoyed that the Super Bowl had become political.

“This is a football game. If you want to have something with politics, you don’t have to do it on a football field,” Winterhalter said.

“Look at this, man! I’m loving this,” he added as people crowded around him with cameras and mics.

But as more protesters surrounded Winterhalter asking him what exactly he was protesting against, he claimed he was simply a bystander who was “passing through”.

Ten minutes later, another anti-Beyoncé activist arrived, confused about the lack of crowds.

“I was expecting to meet thousands of people,” said Ariel Kohane, 44, a volunteer forTed Cruz’s presidential campaign .

“I’m here to protest Beyoncé’s ideology and that she should be more constructive and she should be trying to create peace and harmony instead of divisiveness,” Kohane said.

Kohane, a supporter of the Blue Lives Matter pro-police group, said he also had not seen the whole half-time performance but had watched news reports about it.

“I think it was awful, terrible, it didn’t even belong in the Super Bowl. It didn’t have anything to do with football at all,” Kohane said.

Kohane said he was specifically offended by the lyrics of Beyoncé’s songs as they were “demeaning police officers”, but he was unable to specify specific lyrics that had upset him.

Around 9.30am, a third anti-Beyoncé protester arrived.

April Bedunah, a 25-year-old business management student, said she had been a Beyoncé fan but viewed her dancers dressed in Black Panther outfits as a direct critique of police officers.

“If white people came out in KKK outfits, they would go crazy,” said Bedunah, who said her own son was half-black.

“She [Beyoncé] is letting the fame get to her head and she’s no longer the humble person that she used to be. She used to spread a message of love and now she ‘runs the world’.

“It’s sickening; it’s making people hate each other. She could have talked about anything else rather than trying to make people mad. And look what it caused. These people should be at work! I should be at school right now. We should be doing other things than this,” Bedunah said.

As rain poured down, much of the crowd dispersed. The pro-Beyoncé Black Lives Matter protesters did not seem surprised by the low turnout.

“It’s easier to be a racist online than it is in real life,” said Cherno Biko, 24.

Whoops! Where the white conservatives?


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SNL Skit – ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’


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Queen Bey and Old White Republicans

Queen Bey’s Superbowl appearance and dropping a new song has apparently set off the conservative Viagra set… Mere mention of blackness, the original Black Panthers, police, and BLM will do that.

Rudy Giuliani rips Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime as an “outrageous … attack on police officers”

Beyoncé anticipated this. She knew the backlash was coming as she sings in her new single “Formation,” “You know you that b**ch when you cause all this conversation.” With her imagery of police officers lined in riot gear with their arms in the air in her music video and her background dancers dressed as Black Panthers during her halftime performance at Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé is undoubtedly making a bold political statement and as she surely expected, people are talking.

“I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive,” former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said Monday on “Fox & Friends,” ripping the performance as “ridiculous.”

Cuz nothing brings us all together better than angry @Beyonceshaking her ass & shouting “Negro” repeatedly.

“The vast majority of police officers risk their lives to keep us safe,”Giuliani explained, taking issue with what he deemed an inappropriate “political position” at the Super Bowl. “What we should be doing in the African-American community, and all communities, is build up respect for police officers,” he offered. “You’re talking to middle America when you have the Super Bowl,” Giuliani reminded the co-hosts. “Let’s have, you know, decent wholesome entertainment, and not use it as a platform to attack the people who, you know, put their lives at risk to save us.”
Bobbye Bogart Orona

I don’t usually hashtag but the fact that they invited Beyoncé to perform an anti-police song during the Super Bowl is infuriating & inflammatory. They should be ashamed of themselves.

According to the Washington Examiner, Members of the National Sheriffs’ Association meeting in Washington, D.C. collectively turned their backs during the halftime performance to protest Beyoncé. The group’s president, Sheriff Danny Glick of Laramie County, Wyoming, “called on the NFL to choose less controversial half time entertainment in the future.”


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Beyonce On Larry King Discusses Etta James, Singing for President and Mrs Obama

Beyonce discusses a bit of her career, and singing Etta James’ signature song at the inaguration

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The Racism In France – Redux

Fresh from whitening singer Beyonce for a magazine spread, it seems the French Fashion Industry (along with help from an American photographer who should have known better) Vogue Paris has decided to portray a blond-haired white girl in blackface on the cover of their October issue.

Laura Stone in blackface for French Vogue

Laura Stone in blackface for French Vogue

Not sure how the crotch shot is a fashion statement – but it appears French Vogue is not only expanding into the Racist Minstrel Rag market segment…

But also to pioneer the Anorexic Gynecological Gazette vertical.

With all the beautiful black models available - why pick an ugly white girl?

With all the beautiful black models available - why pick an ugly white girl?

Paris Vogue and its fiery editor Carine Roitfeld are at the centre of a race row after publishing pictures of a white model with her skin painted black. The photos of usually-blonde Dutch model Lara Stone did not raise eyebrows in France, it seems, but have provoked outrage among the usually unshockable fashionistas of New York.

The photo shoot was styled by the magazine’s long-time editor, Roitfeld, who – along with controversial photographer Steven Klein – has been denounced as “culturally insensitive” by US fashion site Jezebel.

“What Klein and Roitfeld should know is that painting white people black for the entertainment of other white people is offensive in ways that stand entirely apart from cultural context,” said Jezebel. The French anti-racism group SOS Racisme described the pictures as “tactless”.

Among the shoot’s other critics is Nana A Tamakloe, founder of Confidence Model Management, who said: “It’s horrible, there’s nothing else to describe it.” Shevelle Rhule, fashion and beauty editor at black women’s magazine Pride, commented: “It’s as if we’ve stepped back in time.”

Roitfeld has often been talked of in the past as a potential successor to Anna Wintour as editor of US Vogue. But the current row is unlikely to win her many supporters: a gimmick of this kind might be all right in Paris, but does not go down well in New York.

Speaking of tacky and tasteless – here is Rhianna posing topless for the cover of Italian Vogue, fresh from a beatdown by her boyfriend. Woman go out looking that bad, would make a less restrained man want to hit her upside the head… Makes you question whether Chris Brown beat the usually attractive Rhianna with an ugly stick to pose for this one.

This one is categorized under “Naaaaw” – because it’s hard to believe anyone in an executive position in the publication industry could be that f9889g stupid.


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You’re Worth It… Only of You are White – Racism in France

Hat Tip to NewsOne on this one.

French cosmetics make L’Oreal is in trouble again. This time losing a lawsuit in the French Supreme Court over overtly ordering it’s sales management to hire only white women to work in the stores in France. In a landmark case, the Garnier division of the beauty empire, along with a recruitment agency it employed, were fined €30,000 (£20,300) each after they recruited women on the basis of race. The historic ruling – the first time a major company has been found guilty of systematic race discrimination in France – saw a senior figure at the agency given a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Racial discrimination in employment is a huge problem in France with a recent survey finding three out of four firms preferred white workers.

This is fresh on the heels of a scandal last year, where the company presented a “newly Nordic” Beyonce Knowles as their Cover Girl…

The American Beyonce left, and the "You're Worth It" Beyonce from L'Oreal

The American Beyonce left, and the "You're Worth It" Beyonce from L'Oreal

La Cour de Cassation, the French supreme court, heard that in 2000, Garnier, L’Oreal’s beauty division, was looking to recruit a sales team for the Fructis Style haircare range. Read the rest of this entry »

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