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There Goes the Beach!

Did a couple of blogs a while ago about the latest Middle Eastern fashion craze roiling France – The Burkini.

Not to be outdone by their fellow fundamentalists on the other side of the “God Chasm” – some fundamentalist Christians jumped in with some designs of their own.

Turns out the new swimwear is attractive to “godless” non-believers – not the least reason of which is protection from the Sun’s harmful rays. No woman worth her hair spray wants to look 65 when she is 35. And fair skinned ladies especially need to be concerned about the long term effects – including skin cancer – which puts “dying to look good” in a whole new category.

OK Guys – definitely not as much viewing fun as you itsy-bitsy yellow polka-dot Bikini… Or as cool as a Burkini…A swimsuit from Simply Modest

‘Modest’ Swimwear No Longer Just For The Pious, As Niche Entrepreneurs Dive In

Crystal Huyben, 27, a born-again Christian from Ontario, likes to cover everything from her knees to her collarbone when she gets in the water.

“Modesty has always been important to me, believing that our sexuality is an amazing gift from God,” she said. “[It’s] something to be protected, not put on display for all eyes to see.”

Huyben, who sewed her first modest swimsuit when she was a teenager, now runs a company, Simply Modest, selling the garments. Her website Simply Modest is one of about a dozen, all launched over the past decade, marketing suits that protect their wearers from sun, chlorine and lustful stares.

Now, Huyben and other modest swimwear entrepreneurs are finding that their suits are catching on with a secular audience. Tulin Reid, 38, a former plus size model, is a fan of HydroChic, a line of modest- and activewear founded six years ago by two modern Orthodox Jewish women, Sara Wolf and Daniella Teutsch, in New York’s Westchester county.

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The Other Oil Disaster – Real Estate Value On Gulf Drops Through The Floor

The “Redneck Riviera”, the oceanfront properties running from Louisiana over to Florida’s northwestern coast had been a booming area until the Real Estate Meltdown…

Property values are currently running up to 65% below their 2005 peak.

The oil spill, expected to impact the beaches in many of the areas will further devalue properties – possibly forcing thousands of foreclosures as people find themselves sitting on vacation properties worth only 5-15% of what they paid for them.

Oil Spill Expected To Trigger Thousands Of Foreclosures Of Gulf Real Estate

Homes along the immediate path of the Gulf Coast oil leak are forecast to decline at least 30% in value as a result of the environmental catastrophe produced by British Petroleum’s gushing oil well  42-miles off of Louisiana, according to a new forecast by Housing Predictor.

The forecast is being issued after more than a month of research and monitoring the impact of the oil leak, which has poisoned the eco-system along the marshes of the Louisiana coast line and as far east as Alabama. Housing analysts contend that the projected losses in housing value will top that of any oil disaster in the nation’s history and will send tens of thousands of additional homes into foreclosure as a result. Read the rest of this entry »

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Real Euro-trash At the Beach!

Hey Gulf Folks – You got your oil spill…

We, on the Atlantic Coast have our Eurotrash!


UPDATE-Space Debris on Hilton Head Island may be part of European Rocket

Debris Washed up on Hilton Head Island Beach

Folks on Hilton Head Island beach got a big surprise Saturday. That’s where a piece of air and space debris washed ashore. The metal piece, about the size of a car, washed up along Hilton Head Island beach near Palmetto Dunes late Saturday afternoon. These are pictures from a viewer in the area.

Initially, it was thought the debris may be part of a jet engine or possibly a satellite or booster rocket. By Sunday, authorities confirmed it may indeed be a piece from a European rocket. Captain Toby McSwain from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s office tells us that officials from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) apparently were called in to analyze the debris. “We just heard they believe it’s from a rocket, we don’t know where it may have come from or when this rocket would have been launched,“ McSwain tells us. McSwain also says that the debris was hauled away from the beach Sunday afternoon but it’s appearance has created an interesting situation for Hilton Head. Apparently the city will be stuck trying to figure out how to dispose of it. According to McSwain, the debris (about 30 feet long) was taken to the Hilton Head Facilities Management Office for the time being. “I guess the city has to decide what to do with it now,“ McSwain says.

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