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Baseball and Football, Conservative Economics vs Progressive “Socialism”

Bill Maher explains why Football’s socialist economics has beat out baseballs conservative disaster –

This one is a brilliant comparison of why conservatism fails.


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To the Deceased Players of Negro Leagues, A Final Measure of Recognition

Guys and Gals – if you spare a dime – this one is worth it…

For Players of Negro Leagues, Final Measure of Recognition

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Only something so heavy could lighten their burden. Three men gripped a 150-pound headstone around the edges, lugged it 40 feet across the grass and lowered it into the dirt.

“Got it?” the anesthesiologist asked, tilting the slab in gently.

“Yeah. Yeah, over here,” the insurance man said.

They rose from their knees, brushed off their hands and stood back from the grave.

“Big Bill Gatewood,” the historian said with a sigh.

For almost 50 years, William M. Gatewood lay in obscurity in an unmarked grave here at Memorial Park Cemetery. But that ended Tuesday, when three baseball fans continued their quest to locate every former Negro leagues player without a headstone and do their share to right the wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sammy Sosa Gets Back to Black

Once you go black – you won’t go back?

Sammy Sosa, Black Again! Skin Reportedly Back To Old Hue

Sammy Sosa’s skin is black once again, the New York Post reports. According to the paper, Sosa stopped by the club Liv at Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau hotel last weekend. A source tells the Post that the former slugger “looked back to his usual color and was partying with friends until the early hours.”

Sosa shocked baseball fans — and seemingly anyone familiar with his appearance — last November when he attended the Latin Grammys with visibly white skin. The six-time Silver Slugger, who reportedly tested positive for steroids in 2003, said a “cosmetic cream” was to blame.

The former MVP contemplated endorsing the skin cream and was mocked on TV by Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, among many others.

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There Goes tha Baseball Vote

According to Republicans and other assorted Obama Haytas, not only does President Obama “throw a ball like a girl” – but he’s not much of a fan.

Now, any one making that comparison – obviously spent way too much time dominating the barbie-girl types – and never spent any time watching some of the college level or semi-pro girls throw a softball.

Second … Obviously the Prez is not a Baseball fan. Which – face it, is something most of America isn’t anymore. And most black folks have moved on to the NFL, or NBA (We’re still working on why anyone would want to go out on the cold ice and bash each others heads in…).

To wit – The Prez better stick to hoops…


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