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All Y’all Colored Folks Know Each Other in DC!

I grew up in the DC area. I certainly know of the various high level people from the News, run into Congressmen and Senators on the street, and have even met with some in business matters.

DC, like almost any Urban area has cliques. There is nothing some black folks love more than setting up, or being a part of an “exclusive” group, which – pretty much like the Emmy’s and Academy Awards…They get to pat themselves on the back telling each other how great they are.

I have never attended a CBC Cabaret, and generally, unless roped into it, avoid such throw downs. I do, and have attended major charity events, and political fundraisers for specific politicians…Life in the City.

Now, the way things work in this city, is the most powerful clique in the city surrounds the President and Congress. When the President wants to meet with someone in Congress, he tells his staff to make a call. The  old “My people will be in contact with your people”.Under most circumstances the underlings coordinate schedules, set up time and place, and mark calendars – with the unwritten understanding that said invited Congressmen and Senators will make room on heir schedules to resolve conflicts.

Asking a reporter from a news organization is out of line. Not only that, but it is an insult to the CBC, in that somehow they don’t belong in the group of other Congressmen and Senators at the President’s beck and call – and thus need to be treated as an outside organization. The racial implications of that are equally horrendous in that it goes back to the old “All y’all look alike” racist syndrome.



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The Prez on Black Radio II – Interview With April Ryan of AURN

Complete transcript is available over at HuffPo in an article by Ryan

April Ryan of AURN

Q: That’s interesting you talk about the disparities in African Americans, because many civil rights leaders, to include persons in the NAACP, are upset that the Senate version does not have the public option; the House has the public option. And the Senate and the House version are very far apart. What are the fears that you have going forward with trying to get a health care reform bill together in a timely fashion?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, first of all, I think it’s important to understand, April, that the Senate and the House bills are 95 percent identical. There’s 5 percent differences, and one of those differences is the public option. But this is an area that has just become symbolic of a lot of ideological fights. As a practical matter, this is not the most important aspect to this bill — the House bill or the Senate bill. Read the rest of this entry »

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April Ryan, Robert Gibbs, and Desiree Rogers

Desiree Rogers has become a lightning rod for criticism, not only from the right wing – but also from some in the press corps. There seems to be a bit of a resentment of Desiree, and feeling that she has pushed herself into far too prominent a role –

Here is an interview with Desiree back in Frebruary by CNN’s Lola  Ogunnaike –

Now, I think Ryan really overstepped her bounds, and appears to have a personal dislike of Rogers which is interfering with objectivity. Republicans see the issue as another opportunity to eliminate yet another member of President Obama’s staff, and another member of the Obama “inner circle”.


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