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Domestic Terror Attack? Two Hospitalized After Letter Containing White Powder Opened in IRS Office

More Tea Bagger, Glenn Beck, Faux News  inspired Domestic Terrorism?

Hazmat crews respond to Utah IRS office

Hazardous materials crews and the FBI were on the scene Monday at the IRS building in Ogden, Utah, where two people were removed on stretchers and several others were undergoing decontamination showers.

The FBI released no information about the incident. The IRS said “an unknown substance” was discovered but gave no further details; local news reports suggested that a suspicious white powder may have been found in mail delivered to the facility.

Initial reports said the buiding was in Farr West, a small community near Ogden, but the IRS specified that the incident took place at the IRS campus on Rulon White Boulevard in Ogden, about 30 miles from Salt Lake City.

The incident began about 12:30 p.m. (2:30 p.m. ET) Monday, 11 days after a Texas man embroiled in a years-long dispute with the IRS crashed his small plane into the agency’s complex in Austin, Texas.


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