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What Did You Do In the War on Terror, Daddy?

The epitome of stupid-shit brought to you Republicans (And Joltin Joe Lieberman) is a bill to deny American Citizenship to terrorists.

Somebody please explain to me why some terrorist wannabe, who is willing to blow up a damn airplane at 35,000 feet – with his ass going down with everyone else…

Give’s a rat’s ass about being an American Citizen?

I mean…Is this bill going to to apply to our own home grown right wing whack jobs…

Or those with just “A-Rab” sentimentality? I mean – is there an exception for whackjobs who blow up Government Building and Day Care Centers?

And if we do deport our own home grown right wing crazies, unlike Islamic fundamentalists who could find pleasant waterfront  homes and new occupations in mayhem in Somalia – WTF wants them?

“Let me get this straight Billy-Bob, you got your dumb, white ass tossed out of the wealthiest country in the world, because you didn’t want to pay taxes… Which are lower than the next 17 richest countries? Which all, BTW happen to be socialized! You better get used to living a country with a brown or black face as President, because your dumb ass is not coming here to cause trouble…”

I’m beginning to think the best way to win the “War on Terror”…

Is to ship them our dumb-assed Republicans (and “Independent”).

Bill aims to strip certain Americans of their citizenship

A bipartisan group of legislators on Thursday introduced legislation in Congress to strip citizenship from any American found to be involved in terrorism.

If the Terrorist Expatriation Act passes, an American would lose citizenship if found to have provided material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization — as designated by the secretary of state — or participated in actions against the United States.

Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, and Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts, co-sponsored the bill. An identical bill is being introduced in the House by Reps. Jason Altmire, D-Pennsylvania, and Charlie Dent, R-Pennsylvania. Read the rest of this entry »

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More American Terrorists

Couple of major differences from the last 3 “Terrorist wannabe cells” arrested. First, the leader of the group had both Military and terrorist training at a terrorist training camp. Second, this group apparently had the means to travel to the Middle East, and did so, on at least 1 occasion. Third – one of the participants behind the group is currently being reported as hiding in Pakistan.

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