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The Strange Story if “Jihad Jane”

This is the strange story of a Pennsylvania woman who filled the Internet with her passion for supporting violent Jihad against western countries. Shortly after the Nigerian “Underwear Bomber” was caught, the howls of right wingers to racially profile and that the Obama Administration was failing in the “War” on Terror were resounding.

Strawberry blond haired Jihad Jane would have made a mockery of that racial profiling now… Wouldn’t she?

Proving once again that the biggest danger to our country probably isn’t swarthy men from the Middle East…

But white conservative’s, and their wholly owned subsidiary – the Tom Squad’s racism and stupidity.

This one appears to be about on a par with the New York Synagogue Bombers, who had no explosives, rockets, or guns but were going to blow up a Jewish Synagogue anyway, and the South Florida 7 – who couldn’t even afford clothes, much less guns. It will be interesting to see if Jihad Jane gets the same tough justice in the Judicial System.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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