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Dreaming of a Whites Only Christmas


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Ben Harper – “Call It What It Is…Murder”

Musician Ben Harper’s ode to BLM…

“You can’t be racist and be a Christian! You all have gotta choose”: Ben Harper opens up about activism, racism and how police brutality “threatens democracy in a very specific way”

Ben Harper was at a park in West Los Angeles talking to some young skaters there when it finally hit him: For all the talk about the shooting of young black men, going back to Trayvon Martin, most people were still walking around the issue. To him, these killings were murder, and he wanted the language to be as blunt as possible. When Harper went home, he wrote the song “Call It What It Is,” which became the title track to an album that comes out on April 8, a few days after he begins a tour with the Innocent Criminals.

Harper, who grew up in Claremont, a college town east of Los Angeles, has combined folk, blues, reggae and social protest since the early ‘90s; he’s also a first-rate slide guitarist. In 2014 he won a Grammy for his album with Charlie Musselwhite, the blues guitarist, singer, and harmonica player. His last album, “Childhood Home,” was collaboration with his mother, Ellen.

Salon spoke to Harper from New York. The interview has been lightly edited for clarity….Read The Interview Here


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Roberta Flack – New Album

Been a long time since Roberta essentially walked away from the music industry.

Roberta Flack’s Creative New Album

Roberta Flack's Creative New Album

1970s hit maker Roberta Flack is back with a new album after spending more than a decade off the radar. But don’t expect new R&B-pop tracks from the classic soul artist on Let It Be Roberta. Flack takes a creative approach to her latest album, covering 12 signature classic by the Beatles, including “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be,” each with a unique and soulful twist.

The four-time Grammy-winning singer is no stranger to blending different musical genres together, and Let It Be Roberta demonstrates Flack’s talent for musical ingenuity.

Let It Be Roberta releases Feb. 7.

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