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Rev Long Legged Mack Daddy (Other -Brother) is At it Again!

Here he goes again! This time on Michael Jackson’s funeral – demanding President Obama bump the Jackson family out of the way and take a front row seat!

You know – I now think I know what happened to Geraldine after Flip Wilson passed away!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!


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Alan Keyes Lost Other brother-Brother Returns!

He’s at it again! ROFL! About 4:30 Lost brother-Brother makes an appeal to Massa’s Hannity, O’Reilley, and Limbaugh to let him on TV! The “long legged Mack Daddy” rides again!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Did I mention that if Hannity, O’Reilley, and Limbaugh don’t put these guys on TV, they will be threatening the National Security of America?

Can he get a witnesses?

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Alan Keyes Brother Discovered!

There seems to be no limit to the depths of black America’s sewers the conservo-racist-religio-right will troll to find a nugget. This one is the far far “right-Reverend” James David Manning “PhD” who is every bigot’s wet dream.

“Her Name is Ms. Ann”… Indeed.

In Manning’s view – President Obama is a “Hawaii Beach boy”, who isn’t black – because his Momma was white… AKA Ms. Ann.

If you cant manage to watch the whole thing without puking – move the little dial over to the 6 minute mark, where Manning announces –

The Republic of South Africa was a GREAT COUNTRY! It was a great country until they turned it over to Nelson Mandela and those black people!

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