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Driver to Police – ‘There’s nothing to discuss. I’m going home.’ Worlds Slowest Police Chase…

A police “Chase” slow enough for an officer to walk beside the fleeing miscreant?

I think this one beats the OJ slow motion chase!

Low-velocity: Caroline Turner's Ford Fiesta, which she used for the 'chase'

The Getaway Car - a Ford Fiesta

Farce of 76-year-old who led police on 27-mile car chase at 10mph… which only ended when officer ran up and tapped on the window

A grandmother led traffic police on a surreal 17-mile chase – at speeds of less than 10mph.

Caroline Turner was finally stopped after more than an hour when patrol cars formed a rolling road block and an officer got out and ran alongside her, telling her to pull over.

The 76-year-old had been spotted driving the wrong way around a roundabout.

She then entered a dual carriageway but refused to pull over even though a following police car had switched on its flashing blue lights.

Officers say that even at its fastest, the pursuit never went above 20mph.

When the policeman jogging alongside shouted at the pensioner to pull over, she initially refused, saying: ‘There’s nothing to discuss. I’m going home.’

She was finally brought to a halt on the hard shoulder, however, where she was arrested and put in a cell overnight as officers feared she might cause a fatal accident if allowed to go free.

Turner appeared before magistrates in Colchester, Essex, the following day and was banned from driving for a year.

She was also fined £100 after admitting driving without due care and attention and failing to stop for police…

The pensioner insisted her experience had not put her off driving. ‘I am planning for my re-test already,’ she said. ‘But for the next year I am going to be catching buses.

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