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Very Dumb things folks get into.

Hitting Bottom – Bill Cosby

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for America’s former favorite Jello man …You know it’s going to be a bad day when…


‘I’m No Longer Afraid': 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being * Hackers have for some reason taken this site down although it likely will be back up again soon.


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Global Weather – Sharks on the Beach and Now Snow In Hawaii In the Summer????

Weather this year has been a bit strange. From my area getting a full summer’s worth of rain in one month – to the oceans, where fish species have migrated to inshore and shallow waters.

Whale Shark – Adults reach 30-40 ft in length

Sand Shark common to my area. Generally 2-3′ in length.

Black Tip Reef Shark. The little guys stay n the rivers and creeks and generally are 2-4′ in length. Adults can reach 6′ or more in open ocean.

We have all heard about the raft of Shark attacks this year along the South Eastern coast of the US. At my home on the ocean, I caught 7 sharks in one afternoon (less than 2 hrs) of fishing off my dock, located on a “creek” behind the barrier islands in Virginia. They weren’t very big – and weren’t a species which attacks humans. They were the silver Sand Sharks. In most years, I only see Black Fins which are known to migrate to the inland creeks to breed. Ran into what appeared to be a juvenile Whale Shark in the 8-12 foot range the next day in the Creek on the way back from the closest inlet. I have never heard of one coming inland, although I have caught Bull Shark in the inlet over 7′ long and weighing in over 200 lbs.  It (the Whale Shark) was swimming just below the surface, which is common for this species which feeds on plankton.

Then … There is SNOW in HAWAII!

Hawaii Just Got Hit By A July Snow Storm

July snowstorms are weird enough. July snowstorms in Hawaii boggle the mind.

But that’s what happened at the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island on Friday morning.

The combination of passing thunderstorms and near-freezing temperatures led to 1.5 inches of snow and icy conditions, according to a ranger’s report.

Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano that rises 13,796 feet above sea level, gets snow regularly in the winter months, but rarely in the summer.


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Man Records Entire Album in Apple Store

INcredible ingenuity!


He Made a Secret Album in an Apple Store


Prince Harvey needed to make an album. So after his computer crashed, he spent four months in an Apple store singing the entire thing into a display computer.

Standing in the middle of the Upper West Side’s Apple Store in Manhattan, 25-year-old artist and rapper Prince Harvey seemed at home, almost like he knew what was going to happen next.

“As soon as I jump on the table, they’re going to kick us out. So just keep taking pictures,” Prince says, as he puts on a bright silver, ankle-length trench coat and hops on the wooden display top closest to the entrance.

It only takes 10 seconds before he’s proven right. An employee shuffles over to us without missing a beat.

“All right, I told you already, chief: no pictures,” the employee says.

Harvey, now standing on Broadway after being asked to once again leave an Apple Store, pauses to consider his next move.

“I would take you to the SoHo store,” he says with a smile, “but security knows me there.”

Familiarity is an understatement. After a second computer failure left him without a means to record his album and no money to buy a replacement, Prince finished recording the vocals and backing instrumental tracks for his new album entirely in that one Apple Store.

Prince Harvey sang, hummed, and rapped into a display computer at the SoHo Apple Store every weekday for four consecutive months.

The album, after all, is called PHATASS—an acronym for Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: SoHo.


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Racism Makes You Stupid …Confederate Parade Ends in Smash Up

Karma is a B*!

Under the heading, racism makes you stupid, we have these morons in Dalton Ga. showing their confederate (and Tea Bagger) pride…Wait for it!

A triple ender!


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Redefining “Stuck on Stupid”

I watched this one in horror and amazement. The ultimate dummy in the ultimate driving machine…Indeed.


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Florida Again – Road Rage Hillbilly Vasectomy


Some years ago when I used to regularly target shoot at a range, I noticed over a period of several months that they had 10-15 used pistols made by a popular manufacturer in the cabinet for sale. The pistols were a compact “carry” model identical to that carried by some police departments, just about 1//2 the size.  when you see a large number of most any product in the “Return bin” it usually means there is a defect or quality problem.

Asked the friendly salesman about that seeming discrepancy, as the manufacturer had a good reputation for producing quality product. Seems that the safety on both the bigger an smaller model were in the same place. Which, it turns out was fine when the gun was carried in a holster like that used by the military or police. When the smaller “carry” model was tucked under the belt though, it seems that the safety was exactly in the wrong place and would flip to the fire position when puled out of a trouser waistband. The result was a fairly prolific series of what I euphemistically all “Hillbilly Vasectomies”  as a result of self emasculation by gun. .. This one kind of makes you wonder …

Man shoots self in road-rage incident on I-4

Where an Interstate-4 motorist shot himself in a road-rage incident today remained in question for hours as police and sheriff’s deputies tried to determine who should investigate.

Orlando police first treated the shooting as their case about 11:30 a.m. when the man pulled off the highway and stopped his white BMW sedan at the Princeton Street exit near College Parkand Florida Hospital, records show.

Within an hour, police turned the case over to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office believing the shooting happened there.

But the investigation was turned over again about 1:15 p.m. to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in the belief the shooting happened south of the Seminole Countyline.

The confusion apparently stemmed from Richard Coles, the wounded motorist who was undergoing treatment for his injury, according to the sheriff’s office.

“He was taken to local hospital where he has declined to prosecute and no longer wishes to speak with investigators,” sheriff’s spokesman Jeff Williamson wrote.

Details remain few but Coles, 36, told Orlando police he had been driving toward Orlando when another motorist brandished a gun over an undisclosed incident, according to police.

Feeling threatened, the man grabbed his own gun and it fired. The bullet struck one of the man’s legs causing a non-life threatening wound, said Orlando police Sgt. Jim Young.

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies have not located witnesses to what precipitated the shooting, according to the sheriff’s office.


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You Know It Is a Bad Day When…

This was a picture taken of last week’s launch of a rocket bound for the moon from Wallops Island, Va.

If you check the white cloud on the upper left…

There is a frog there, having a very bad day.

Apparently the blast from the rocket engines sent him airborne.

Incredible pic!

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