Did Russia Fill Chumph Campaign Coffers?

14 Nov

There is a report out by BuzzFeed claiming the Russian Government made at least 60 political donations in the 2016 election.

Still waiting  for some sort of confirmation from additional sources on this explosive claim.

Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments “To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016”

The FBI is scrutinizing more than 60 money transfers sent by the Russian foreign ministry to its embassies across the globe, most of them bearing a note that said the money was to be used “to finance election campaign of 2016.”


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3 responses to “Did Russia Fill Chumph Campaign Coffers?

  1. Stephen Harvey

    November 15, 2017 at 6:35 PM

    What are your thoughts on Malcolm Nance’s prediction that the entire Trump administration will be taken down by March 2018? Malcolm Nance wrote “The Plot To Hack America” and all of his predictions, as documented in his book, are pretty much coming true.

    If this tax bill fails, I predict the Republicans may begin to formally shun Trump, especially since they control the House, Senate, and the Presidency and can’t pass any significant legislation.


    • btx3

      November 15, 2017 at 7:12 PM

      I am hoping it doesn’t take until March 2018. My position since the election has been that Trump and his associates are dirty. That dirt includes a number of things. There is the treason issue or collusion with the Russians. Then there are a bunch of money-laundering issues both with the Russian Mafia and Putin (same thing). There is money laundering with the US Mob. There is fraud with number of financial scams, as well as the Trump University. There is violation of the emoluments clause, using the office for profit. There is perjury.

      I think it is taking Mueller so long because there are so many crimes. These guys are not only dirty – they are career criminals.

      The only issue right now is Trump built a firewall selecting Pence as VP. Nobody, even Republicans wants Pence. So however it is done it needs to get Trump, Pence, the little Trumps, and all of the advisors.

      Republicans already planted a bomb in the tax bill – repeal of financing for Obamacare. They know it is going down.


      • Steve

        November 16, 2017 at 9:40 AM

        I here you. And i hope you’re right: it would be nice to see this administration end ASAP, long before March 2018.

        I guess i don’t understand Republican “logic”. They can’t pass anything, so having power is somewhat moot. What’s the point of haning on to power if their rich benfactors aren’t profiting? That bogus tax bill is for them. If (when) it doesn’t pass, Republicans are risking their re-election finance sources. They could be primaried.

        If Trump is divisive and a road block, why not get him out of the way and let Pence do their bidding. He’s crazy too, just a different kind of crazy. The Republicans are like the Keystone Cops, just far more dangerous.



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