Domestic Terrorism…Again

27 May

More Trumpzoid Terrorism…

2 Men Killed On Portland Train After Trying To Stop Anti-Muslim Rant, Police Say

“These were folks just riding the train and unfortunately got caught up in this.”


Two men were stabbed to death in the U.S. city of Portland on Friday when they tried to stop their attacker from harassing two women because they appeared to be Muslim, police said.

The incident unfolded on a commuter train hours before the start of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, when most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims observe a religious fast.

The attack began shortly before 4:30 p.m. when a man started yelling ethnic and religious slurs toward two women who appeared to be Muslim on a MAX train at the Hollywood Transit Station, the Portland Police Department said in a statement.

Three men who intervened were stabbed, two fatally. The attacker was arrested shortly after he got off the train, police said, adding that the women left the scene before police could interview them.

“In the midst of his ranting and raving, some people approached him and appeared to try to intervene with his behavior and some of the people that he was yelling at,” Portland police spokesman Pete Simpson said during a news conference aired by local news outlets.

“They were attacked viciously by the suspect,” he added.

In a statement responding to Friday’s attack, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said that anti-Muslim incidents increased by more than 50 percent in the United States from 2015 to 2016 due in part to President Donald Trump’s focus on militant Islamist groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“President Trump must speak out personally against the rising tide of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and racism in our nation that he has provoked through his numerous statements, policies and appointments that have negatively impacted minority communities,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

The administration says that while it strongly opposes Islamist militants, it has no quarrel with Islam.

Following the attack, police said one of the men died at the scene while another died at a hospital. The third man was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

“These were folks just riding the train and unfortunately got caught up in this,” he said. Witnesses told police that the two young women were possibly Muslim. One wore a hijab. Portland police did not identify the suspect or the victims.


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10 responses to “Domestic Terrorism…Again

  1. CNu

    May 27, 2017 at 9:28 AM

    Moral of this story:

    Those only versed in the art of conversation, have no business phugging around with the kinetic science of “De-escalation”


    • btx3

      May 27, 2017 at 10:27 AM

      When approaching said Trump asshole, don’t talk…Put ’em down.

      In the 3% chance said Republican is unarmed…Carry a throwaway.


      • CNu

        May 27, 2017 at 11:06 AM

        I’ve personally deescalated a dozen situations on city buses over the past 4 years I’ve ridden. Only one time have I had to resort to a weapon, then, it was an asp that gave second thoughts to a knife-wielder who in the moment of thinking twice got knocked clean the phug out with a front-kick to the gut left cross to the head.

        Most assholes people don’t train. You can always tell by how they carry themselves. If you don’t train, you have no meaningful kinetic chain, and the lack of fluidity is conspicuously obvious – even to the casual observer.


      • btx3

        May 27, 2017 at 3:48 PM

        Rode the Subway every day to work in the city for 3 years. We had occasional irritating panhandlers, whom the Subway Police usually apprehended and established the fact that it was unhealthy to do that. There were the occasional crazies. One was a poor woman who accused every male passenger within 10 feet of her on the train of fondling her and raping her. Being a big city, we had the occasional hardheads. The Subway Police usually apprehended such fairly quickly – because all 11,000 of the Subway System’s workers rode the trains every day. They had a number to call in, and the Po-Po would be waiting. One did a purse snatching from an elderly passenger, beating her when she wouldn’t turn loose.. I don’t believe that guy will be snatching another purse…Even after he gets the casts off and out of traction. Was an NCAA ranked wrestler in their smallest weight class. You ever wonder why almost all the successful MMA Fighters come out of wrestling?

        Not going through the aggravation of taking out the ACL on some 300 lb Trumpazoid dude. Send them to hell… On the 44 Bulldog Express.


  2. Makheru Bradley

    May 27, 2017 at 4:47 PM

    (WaPo) Last month, even as hardcore activists with opposing ideologies clashed on the streets of Portland, Ore., as police officers kept watch, Jeremy Joseph Christian stood out. He was big, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing 235 pounds, according to booking details. He wore an American flag cape. He was marching through the crowd yelling the racial epithet “n—-r” and throwing off one-armed Nazi salutes.

    “I think this guy has a mental illness of some sort,” said Corey Pein, a freelance writer who encountered Christian that day and interviewed him for the local Williamette Week.
    “I will generally knock out a person that calls me a racist,” he wrote. He described himself as a white nationalist, adding, “I Support Balkanization for racists and religion lines.”

    (He’s right. White supremacy is a mental illness)

    Christian’s Facebook page is awash in hateful and angry memes and photos. He makes threats of violence against police. He called Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh a “TRUE PATRIOT!!!” on April 19, the anniversary of the 1995 domestic terrorist attack. Attempts to reach Christian’s family members for comment were unsuccessful Saturday. Christian noted on his Facebook profile that he likes comics, marijuana and heavy metal music. He also said he was an ex-convict.]

    (Patch) “He was saying that Muslims should die,” said Dyjuana Hudson, a mother of one of the girls. “That they’ve been killing Christians for years.” Destinee Hudson, 16, is black, and her friend, 17, who was wearing a hijab, is Muslim, the mother said. Three men stepped up to intervene, according to several eyewitness reports. You can’t get at them like that — they’re little girls,” one of them said, according to Hudson. That’s when the man pulled a knife, she said, fatally stabbing the girls’ defenders.] The 23-year-old victim was a white man. White supremacists will kill white people who defend the targets of their hatred as quickly as they will attempt to kill us.

    We’re in an era similar to post-Reconstruction. I call it White Redemption 2017.

    How did the Neo-Nazi at UMD get close enough to stab Lt. Richard Collins with a 4 inch knife?

    [According to charging documents, Collins’ friends heard Urbanski scream as he approached them from next to the trees near the bus stop. Urbanski said “Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you,” the documents say. Collins said “no” and Urbanski continued to approach before stabbing him once in the chest, they say.]

    A crazy craka walks out of the trees screaming at a group of Black folks and they let him get close enough to stab a member of the US military in the chest with a 4 inch knife. US military would obviously be toast in hand to hand combat. I could understand this if these crakas had guns. Given the “white redemption” climate in the country, why aren’t our people more on guard?

    On the streets as teenagers we learned several methods for defending ourselves against knives and straight-razors. That was before any martial arts training, which was a requirement in one of Black liberation organizations I joined. Space, focus, and anticipation are critical. I would rather take an assault charge and live if my anticipation is wrong.


    • btx3

      May 27, 2017 at 7:37 PM

      I have worked enough in bad places around the world to always keep my situational awareness up. The only time that is impossible is in situations with large crowds. So I just don’t go to big venues – even here in America.

      I think folks need to be more aware now that these cretins believe they have a license to commit violent acts. As such, I think it is prudent to keep an eye out, as well as when travelling as a family – make sure everyone is in sight whenever possible. Keep the kids on a rein, and not dashing out of sight through some crowd of people.


  3. CNu

    May 27, 2017 at 7:45 PM

    We stay well-versed in the arts of conversation, and pitifully deficient in the sciences of de-escalation…,

    At the ripe old age of 54, I’m exponentially more deadly than I was at the age of 34. This did not occur without effort, a wake-up call, and dedicated response.

    About 12 years ago, I went into a temporary depression after an epic fail at business under my own shingle. I gained 80lbs using food as a psychological coping mechanism. I’ll be the very first to admit that I like to eat, I like to cook, and I’m pretty good at the latter. But you know what, in this life, I no longer imagine that it’s genuinely possible to be both fat, and happy.

    I could either accept my downward spiral or overcome.

    So, I put on a task master’s livery, mastered all the tasks required of me, and seized the time, space, and attention now freed up and available to me to get about the far more serious business of getting my subjective and personal isht back together.

    Here’s the thing I had forgotten, or become delusionally defensive about. When your body works like a clock, everything works like a clock. When you start to look good again in a bespoke shirt, when you move and your muscles effortlessly ripple, these weak and impressionable humans will fling doors open for you.

    After 4 years of effort, without regard for the externalities, but with a single-minded focus on perfect core strength and flexibility, single minded focus on energy transfer through the kinetic chain, I’m restored to peak fighting trim, and everything else has been reduced to conversation. To me, THIS is what it means, this is the minimum baseline, entry level requirement for being a Black Panther in the 21st century.

    There is a young sister, 30 something – with an AAU physique and deeply enamored of NBUF rhetoric – who works as a personal trainer at the Troost YMCA. I watched her conduct sessions for some mature men and women, and she was putting her elders through the western strength training paces you’d expect to see a high-school wrestler or football player go through, without the benefit of any sophistication around movement, fluidity, flexibility, etc…, Not only was the young sister hurting herself, she was literally taking years off the lives of the folks who put themselves in her hands.

    She looked good, looks good, and gathers clients largely on the strength of her appearance. But when you watch her train, you see all the kinks in her own kinesiology, and the continuous pain in which she herself abides, notwithstanding those western AAU outward appearances. At the end of the day, it’s all about core strength, flexibility, and fluidity – and these are not age delimited, rather, bing lifelong aspirations/realizations…..,


    • btx3

      May 27, 2017 at 8:22 PM

      You may well wish to be a Panther , brother. You may want to talk to Makheru about that and what it means.

      I am happy for you. Unfortunately I am over a decade older, and my own personal business crisis ended up putting me in the Hospital for a Triple-bypass, and about 6 months in the hospital 5 years ago. While I am still very active, do a number of physical activities both for exercise and expanding the BTx3 estate, I certainly can’t do what you are doing and have done as there are limitations.

      I am in the process of starting a small business incubator here, and it looks like my first two clients are a Hispanic language radio station and a developing chain of beauty salons. Not High-Tech – but fun!

      I have a concept in mind in the SDN space, and the design is congealing. Cisco (and Jupiter) are dead. But what all of the Network guys I talk to at that level miss is that one of the interesting things you can do is security as a network service. Meaning you can stop things like DDos attacks at the Network edge. They also don’t “get” that the “IoT” isn’t one network. They seem to be lost in the fictional world of 5G, and one IP Network handling everything. It doesn’t have to be (and to succeed it cannot be) one physical network above the glass level… And the only place left for IP is out on the edge if you want to stay in the carrier business. The core is something else entirely (which is part of my design proposal). I have talked to the FirstNet people, and that is headed to be a major clusterf((k. SO…the usual. Gotta figure out if I can do this without winding up in the meat wagon.


    • CNu

      May 27, 2017 at 8:31 PM

      The interesting thing is that when old men genuinely struggle, young men catch fire and achieve stellar gains of function.


      • btx3

        May 27, 2017 at 9:17 PM

        Teah…Tell that to my 39 YO Lady Friend.



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