British Intelligence Intercepted Trump Campaign Collusion With Russian Spies

14 Apr

American, as well as the Intelligence Services of our allies, routinely surveil known Russian spies and operatives. They also do this against any hostile government’s agents. The British GCHQ was picking up ongoing discussions between Putin’s Bitch’s people and the Russian FSB starting in 2015. Meaning that collusion between the Russians and the Trump Campaign had been ongoing for nearly a year before the FBI finally got a clue. This is proof positive that criminal collusion was going on – and evidence that Trump committed treason.

What was in those conversations has not been made public, and is still classified.

It is well past time to impeach, convict, and hang this POS for his Treason.



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4 responses to “British Intelligence Intercepted Trump Campaign Collusion With Russian Spies

  1. CNu

    April 14, 2017 at 11:18 AM

    Why Judge Nap was quickly reinstated and stays winning…,


    • btx3

      April 14, 2017 at 1:12 PM

      Judge Nitwit was wrong then, and wrong now. The US has a treaty with 4 other countries. Collectively called the Five Eyes. Those countries spy on NATO enemies, including Russia. They try to intercept any communications from identified Russian intelligence sources AKA spies. To reduce that to something simple enough for a Faux News idjit to understand – they tap the Russian spies phones. If you call a Russian spy, your conversation with that spy will sometimes be recorded. The GCHQ, in this case will also discover who is talking to said spy, in order to identify agents of Russia, and American Traitors working with the Russians. The Five Eyes do not tap the phones of said traitors. That is turned over to the internal police forces of their respective countries, who through (in the US) may find cause to ask a FISA Judge to allow them to tap the traitor’s phone – based on evidence of criminal activity. The FBI did such in the case of Carter Page. The GCHQ, the other Eyes, and the US NSA do not tap the phones of American citizens here in America or the other member countries. However if their tapping of foreign spy telephones, such as that of Al Qaeda or ISIS turns up a conspiracy by a citizen of their country, it is turned over to their FBI equivalent.

      So if Putin’s Bitch’s boys weren’t calling Russian Spies to coordinate election hacking or some other nefarious criminal scheme…They wouldn’t be in such deep shit now.

      None of this is done by Presidential mandate or order – so the part about Obama “authorizing” such is an out and out lie.

      Your boys were caught committing treason against the United States. Such conversations are reputed to include Putin’s Bitch conversing with Putin and Russian spies in my part of the world. But I have no access to any classified information at that level to report that as anything except conjecture.

      The Chumph committed TREASON…The evidence is there. All the caterwauling, whining, and squalling, and squealing to divert attention from that fact, is just the little punk bitch whining about getting caught.

      Impeach his ass, convict him…And hang him for treason like any other sick dog.


      • CNu

        April 14, 2017 at 4:22 PM

        The Chumph committed TREASON

        lol, okay Maxine…, now go change your musty 80 year old granny pannies….,


  2. harfobama

    April 15, 2017 at 10:25 AM


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