13 Apr

Maybe we will get lucky, and the Chumph will get food-poisoning from his own crappy kitchen and die.

Problem is, at the rate he is bringing people to his bar, their negligence could well take out a world leader from another country.

The Chumph will likely issue and executive order getting rid of those pesky food safety regulations.

Image result for dirty restaurant kitchen

What your average Restaurant kitchen will look like when the Chumph eliminates “costly” regulations

Inspectors found 13 health violations in Mar-a-Lago’s kitchen — just days before Japanese PM’s visit

Health inspectors have found 13 safety violations at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, including “dangerous” raw fish and food stored in broken down coolers.

The Miami Herald reports that inspectors found these safety violations in Mar-a-Lago’s kitchen just days before Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Three of the violations were deemed “high priority” for the club, meaning they needed to be addressed immediately to prevent the spread of illness-producing bacteria on plates in the dining room.

Among other things, inspectors found the Mar-a-Lago kitchen staff failed to properly treat raw fish to remove parasites before serving it; stored ham at a temperature of 57 degrees, or 16 degrees higher than regulations allow; and failed to properly maintain coolers, which were ordered to be repaired immediately.

The 13 violations inspectors hit Mar-a-Lago with this year were a record for the club, which had 11 violations in 2016 and just two in 2015.


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