Oval Office Furniture And – the Low Class Trumpazoid

28 Feb

Anyone old enough to remember this –

Image result for plastic covered furniture

Is going to have a visceral reaction to this –

If you are a child of the 50’s until the 70’s – you probably remember the “sacred” living room.

The typical setup was formal Living room that NOBODY ever sat in. The furniture was covered in plastic , as were the lamp shades, It was kept in spotless condition for formal occasions but it was never used. There was a separate family room with the TV and an old couch, etc. Everybody spent all their time there and in the kitchen. Then there was the living room/parlor  with the fancy couch that the kids were never allowed to sit on.

Now in my house growing up as a child, you learned very quickly said plastic furniture was off limits. Momma caught you sitting with your feet up on the plastic covered furniture – and it was one of those “Go out and get a switch which I am going to wear your ass out with” times in my household. Lord help you if you were visiting friends or family and didn’t sit perfectly straight, especially when Grandma was in attendance. That was worse, because she’d swat you with whatever was handy – hairbrush, spoon, granddad’s old belt! I was pretty happy they kept the tire iron out in the garage!

So Kellyanne sitting like that, on a couch in the Oval Office doesn’t strike a good chord. Bad manners, not to mention disrespect for the Oval Office and White House. Those Presidents of HBCU’s there for a photo-op…are not looking  impressed. Most of those men and women know what she is doing is gauche.

Now I have been in the Oval Office several times (I used to fix the computers in the White House). You don’t touch the beautiful Fredrick Remington statue on the Credenza behind the desk, you don’t touch the pictures of Dead Presidents…and you don’t leave fingerprints on the desk (Which usually changes with each President). This is sacred ground relative to our country, often used for meetings with Foreign Presidents. The furniture and objects in that room are either extremely high end custom or is antique of considerable historical value – it ain’t the rec room.

The second thing is the racism and disrespect for the guests. They are black, so it’s OK to have no manners.





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