Chumph Enabled Bigotry – Restaurant Owner Won’t Serve Black Patrons

24 Jan

Not sure what planet this bozo lives on – but the courts are still largely intact, and he is facing a huge fine…

Image result for Just Wing It in Annville

Perhaps he needs to lose his Liquor License? Where I am from, you have to obey laws and serve everyone to keep a license. Suggest that first, a complaint to the Liquor Board is in order.

Restaurant owner boots customer for being black: ‘Trump’s president now so I can say what I want’

A Pennsylvania restaurant owner allegedly suggested Donald Trump’s election had given him the right to kick out black customers — and he reportedly used a racial slur to underline his point.

Rickey Lee Bugg Jr., a player on the Lebanon Valley College men’s basketball team, was eating early Sunday morning at Just Wing It in Annville when the owner approached him and some friends, reported Penn Live.

Bugg said he and some friends were the only customers in the restaurant at 1:30 a.m., and he said they were sitting quietly and watching television.

The owner told Bugg to leave, the student said.

“I own three restaurants and I don’t need you n*****s’ money,” the owner said, according to Bugg.

Bugg asked a waitress for their money back, and she agreed — but the owner confronted the students again as they were leaving.

The student admits he flipped some chairs in frustration at that point, and he told the owner, “That’s not the way to treat people.”

The owner, however, justified his behavior, Bugg said.

“Trump’s president now so I can say what I want,” the owner said, according to Bugg. “You n*****s need to get out.”

The students left to find some friends for support and returned to the restaurant to find the owner had called police on them.

Bugg said officers told him that the manager was “known for doing stuff like this.”

Police are continuing to investigate the incident, and the owner has declined the newspaper’s requests for comment.

A Dairy Queen was closed earlier this month after a franchise owner called a customer a racial slur.


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2 responses to “Chumph Enabled Bigotry – Restaurant Owner Won’t Serve Black Patrons

  1. D W Jazzlover

    January 24, 2017 at 11:48 PM

    I have never eaten at a lot of places because as they opened more and more of our places closed because of lack of our support. I try to eat Black or even Asian because I could just feel this attitude. This is how Jim crow came in before!


    • btx3

      January 25, 2017 at 10:22 AM

      Had a recent experience with denial of service at a local restaurant. It had been one of my favorite local joints but changed hands recently. The word is out about them, and they have lost about 50% of their business so far – all very quietly. I currently live in a rural farm community. And many of the local white farmers won’t tolerate this shit either. Neither will the other local retailers.

      Used to be a local guy who painted his pickup truck with a confederate flag, and flew a confederate flag attached in the back. Guy was a building contractor. He’s no longer in business. The folks from up north who are building million dollar houses out on the bay or ocean won’t have that shit on their land.

      Like I said, there are lots of ways to penalize folks like that. It is a whole different world than back during segregation.



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