Racist Trump Troll Unmasked As Unemployed 34 Year Old Living Off His Father

09 Jan

Confirming the stereotype that much of the alt-right Trolls are 30 something unemployed, overweight, uneducated  failures living off mommy and daddy, who sit in the basement and spew hate.

Scotish man Colin Robertson has been revealed as the influential racist vlogger behind the ­Millennial Woes blog (Screen cap via Daily Record).

Influential YouTube racist unmasked as unemployed man living with his father

An influential racist YouTuber living in Scotland has been unmasked as an unemployed ex-student who still lives with his father.

The Daily Record has confirmed that a 34-year-old Linlithgow resident named Colin Robertson is the man behind the Millennial Woes YouTube channel, which counts more than 20,000 subscribers and over 2 million video views.

Robertson has become an influential voice within the white nationalist movement, and late last year he gave a speech at the National Policy Institute conference in Washington, D.C., where participants raised their arms in Nazi salutes and shouted, “Hail Trump!”

As the Record notes, Robertson is explicitly a white nationalist, as he believes that white people are the only people who should be allowed to lawfully live in the United Kingdom.

“I just didn’t want loads of black people in my country,” he said in a recent video. “It came down to a racial thing, a racial loyalty. I didn’t want black people, I didn’t want Indians, I didn’t want Chinese, I didn’t want Arabs, I wanted my country for my people.”

Although he has no formal job, the Record says Robertson claims to make enough money to live via ads for his incendiary videos, which he shoots in his father’s bedroom.


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4 responses to “Racist Trump Troll Unmasked As Unemployed 34 Year Old Living Off His Father

  1. lkeke35

    January 9, 2017 at 12:24 PM

    The irony of statement like his, is that he probably knows nothing at all about what makes his country special. It’s food, history, or landmarks that make it unique. But he doesn’t want anybody non-white to know about that stuff either.


    • btx3

      January 9, 2017 at 12:51 PM

      This is your typical alt-right troll.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. NoKafir

    January 31, 2017 at 9:35 AM

    Where is all the outrage against the Japanese for wanting to keep Japan Japanese? What is wrong with all the Buffalo Bills fans wanting to sit with other Buffalo Bills fans? We all carefully pick who we choose to associate with for a wide range of legitimate reasons. It would be highly strange to condemn anybody for wanting to be with people they like and not people they detest or people who detest them. I doubt there are many people that would choose to live in an area surrounded by murderers rapists burglars robbers pediphiles and other felons. Who would condemn those Who want their children to live in safe areas . Most sane individuals wouldn’t choose to walk out into the territory of a Lion’s Pride and just pitch a tent or wander around unarmed . If they did we would think they are insane . And nobody condemns us for that. Why is this man being condemned for wanting the same thing? Frank Raymond, a man from India, who has traveled the world and been educated in Britain has some very interesting videos on what the caucasoids or so-called White peoples offer the world in terms of all kinds of creativity and diversity. He’s worth a listen.


    • btx3

      January 31, 2017 at 12:30 PM

      My, my, my…So humans are different species now…

      But you are right, on one thing. I have no desire to live in a neighborhood full of poor white meth/heroin addicted people who molest children.



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