The Revolution Will Not be Twittered – Some Home Basics II

22 Dec

OK – some of the rest of the list for basic disaster survival. Many people who are into survival actually keep several levels of kits – called “Bug Out Bags”. From a kit to survive a natural disaster in or near home, to something to survive 5 days until help arrives, to an “Oh Shit! Heading for the hills” bag. The last I call my Trump- apocalypse bag, because I believe there will be a Civil War in America in 6-12 months. So it contains a lot of stuff you don’t need for natural disasters.

First Aid Kit

Most of the First Aid Kits on the market are fine if the only thing you have to treat is a scratched knee or minor cut. The real kits, which can handle major trauma (a broken bone for instance) are a lot more expensive. What I did was buy one of the Basic Kits, and then add on individual components,

A reasonably good basic First Aid kit is available for $20-25 online.

Now those add – ons –

  1. Large Sterile Pads. Being a boater, I have seen accidents where wounds get a lot bigger than the little 2×2″ pads in the kits can handle – so I suggest adding pads up to 4″x6″.
  2. Wound Swabs – Similar to Aplicare Benzalkonium Chloride Swabstick Triple Pack, Antiseptic Swab, Non-Irritating, Latex-Free Benzalkonium …Or iodine swabs Image result for first aid wound sterilization
  3. 4″x5 yd. Elastic Bandages – Suggest you get 3 or 4. They are dirt cheap at under $2.00
  4. Trauma Shears – For Cutting off clothing
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide .03% – Reliable for preventing secondary infections from occurring – <$1.00 a Pint bottle
  6. Hand Cleaner – Little bottles of hand cleaner are under $1.00 – They are basically Alcohol. Either 71% or 90% bottles can be substituted. This is for cleaning you hands prior to treating someone else! Alcohol wipes also work.
  7. Large tube of Neosporin
  8. Extra Cold Compress (2)
  9. Triangular bandage
  10. A SAM Splint or equivalent  – These will splint almost ant broken bone.SAM Rolled Splint 36&quot;, Orange/Blue
  11. Extra Medical Tape
  12. Duct Tape – Yes, you can patch Humans with Duct Tape
  13. Butterfly Sutures – Great for small cuts
  14. Benadryl
  15. Afterbite
  16. 5 Days supply of any prescribed meds you or your family needs
  17. Sunblock
  18. Vaseline
  19. Spray Wound Covering – “Second Skin”
  20. Multi-Tool and/or Swiss Army Knife
  21. Space bag/blanket – I also carry a Space material Pup Rent Generally under $10 on Amazon
  22. CPR Mask – Small, inexpensive ($<10)
  23. Burn Ointment
  24. Ibuprofen – The kits only give you 4 aspirin pills. The prescription level Ibuprofen is best if you can get it.

Lastly for Trumpocalypse Planners

  1. Tourniquet
  2. Compression Bandage/Battle Dressing – Major wounds
  3. ADC Berman Oral airway kit 6 sizes
  4. Trauma Pads – 5×9″ or larger
  5. Clotting Sponges



ADC Berman Oral airway kit 6 sizes in poly bag

Basic Shelter

So what happens if the wind blows your house down? Most experts recommend a kit which can make you self-sufficient for 3-5 days until help arrives.

Some really basic and inexpensive stuff may save you, or make life a bit more bearable.

  1. Space Blankets – Buy a pack of 10 for about $7.00. Keep two in the car. They also make space sleeping bags as well as tents. Beats the heck out of sleeping in the rain or snow.
  2. Tarps – the green or blue tarps you can pick up at any hardware store or Walmart. You can make a tent, or ground cover to stay off the wet ground
  3. Paracord – Super strong cord with lots of uses
  4. Fire Starter – Matches, lighters, Flints – something to start a fire for cooking or warmth
  5. A knife – to cut wood for the fire, open canned food, or many other tasks, Get a hunting type in a sheath that can be carried on a belt.
  6. A small ax, Machete, folding saw, or hand chain saw again, cutting wood for a fire
  7. Canned Food or Freeze Dried Food Pouches. The little Oatmeal and dried soup packages are also light and easy to carry but don’t contain enough calories to be full time food..
  8. Water containers – Either the hiking bottles or plastic bottles. I’ve worked two major disasters, and water becomes critical in a few hours.

There is a lot of stuff you can add to this list based on your desires or needs. I have sleeping bags, a regular camping tent, Two types of stoves, a cook kit, and a water purification system all packed up – but I also camp and use that stuff out in the woods when I go camping. So it is all packed up and ready to go. but it serves another purpose. I confess I also have a Trump- apocalypse add on kit which includes stuff for long term survival as well as weapons. If folks are interested, I will talk about that.



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