Did Black Man Burn Down Church And Blame it on Trump?

21 Dec

The “motive” being in Mississippi…They beat he hell out of the accused. Have some questions about this one.

Congregation Member Charged With Burning Black Church In Mississippi

A motive has not been released in the case.

The man who was arrested in the burning and vandalizing of a black church in Mississippi is a member of its congregation, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Authorities charged Andrew McClinton, 45, of Leland, Mississippi, with first-degree arson of a place of worship. A motive has not been released in the case.

There were no reported injuries in the incident, which took place just a few days before the Nov. 8 election. The majority of the damage was to the main sanctuary of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville. The words “Vote Trump” were also spray-painted along the side of the building.

Even though pro-Donald Trump graffiti was found on the church, officials “do not believe it was politically motivated,” Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney told the AP.

“There may have been some efforts to make it appear politically motivated,” Chaney said.

Police released a photo of McClinton on Wednesday:

Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons said last month that the incident was “an attack on the black church and the black community.” A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money to repair the church amid national outcry, and secured more than $200,000 in two days.


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3 responses to “Did Black Man Burn Down Church And Blame it on Trump?

  1. CNu

    December 21, 2016 at 9:33 PM

    rotflmbao…, exactly how close to IQ-75 does a dindu have to be in order to get caught by Mississippi popo?

    Thank GAWD Buford T. Justice managed to catch this defective sperm donor before it manages yet another humiliating return to the Maury Povich show.


    • btx3

      December 22, 2016 at 12:53 PM

      How close to IQ 50 does said dindu have to be to be born in Mississippi…And not leave before this 18th birthday?

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  2. roderick2012

    December 22, 2016 at 7:40 PM

    I knew it was a hoax when I saw the ‘vote for Trump’ message spray-painted on the side of the church.



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