Who’s Afraid of a Recount? Chicken Chumph That’s Who

02 Dec

Another indication that the Election of 2016 was hacked. The Chumph is in a mad panic and trying to stop the recounts…

Why is Trump fighting so hard to stop the recount in Michigan?

Image result for election recountThe Trump campaign filed a legal petition Thursday to stop Michigan’s presidential recount, saying Jill Stein has no chance of winning and no grievance, and there’s no way a hand count can be done before the Electoral College meets December 19.

“Despite being a blip on the electoral radar, [Green Party nominee] Stein has now commandeered Michigan’s electoral process,” said Trump’s petition to Michigan’s Board of State Canvasser. “Indeed, on the basis of nothing more than speculation, Stein asks that Michigan residents endure an expensive, time-consuming recount, and the scrutiny and hardship that comes with it.”

The Trump campaign called the recount an “electoral farce,” ignoring that it has been filed in a state where its candidate leads Hillary Clinton by almost 11,000 out of 4.8 million votes cast, the smallest margin of the final three states that gave Trump an Electoral College majority after election night. (The Green Party is also seeking recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Wisconsin began its recount Thursday, while challenges continue in Pennsylvania as the Green Party is filing local petitions at county election boards.)

“She does not allege, let alone explain, how a fourth-place finisher could be ‘aggrieved’ by the election canvass,” Trump’s petition said, saying candidates must be harmed to seek a recount under Michigan law. “And even if that could be overlooked, Stein’s request would have to be denied because no recount can be reliably competed in the time required by state and federal law” (to meet the Electoral College’s deadline).

Trump’s objection comes just one day after state officials said they would do a full, statewide hand recount of all votes cast in Michigan, beginning Friday, December 2. Because of the filing, the state canvassers’ board, an appointed body that has already pledged its support of the recount, will have to postpone counting until it holds a hearing and issues a ruling within five days. If the recount goes forward, Trump’s objections will have delayed the process up to a week and made it that much harder to complete before presidential electors convene.

“You wonder why they are fighting it so hard,” said Bob Fitrakis, an Ohio-based attorney who was involved in that state’s 2004 presidential recount and has been advising the Green Party in 2016. “Michigan, with its thousands of undervotes [no vote recorded for president] in Democratic strongholds—these people voted the whole ticket but left off Hillary Clinton?”

“They are trying to run out the clock,” he said, saying that same delaying tactic was used in Ohio in 2004 when the Green and Libertarian parties filed for a presidential recount in the state where George W. Bush unexpectedly beat John Kerry, despite media exit polls and other indices suggesting the incumbent president would be defeated.

Stein issued a statement blasting Trump’s petition to stop the recount, calling it a “shameful” and “outrageous” attempt to verify the accuracy, security and integrity of the election…


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3 responses to “Who’s Afraid of a Recount? Chicken Chumph That’s Who

  1. lkeke35

    December 2, 2016 at 2:14 PM

    What could be the outcome of all these recounts? It’s not that I don’t agree something hunky was happening, and we need proof that something was, but how does this help the current situation?


    • btx3

      December 2, 2016 at 2:50 PM

      1.) The worst case scenario is that they find cheating, but not enough to change the result. That means that there was cheating by Trump’s camp, but the electronic states where we suspect substantially higher levels of malfeasance (Florida, North Carolina) won’t be audited.

      2.) The best case is they find malfeasance at a level high enough to have changed the vote totals, and the states are awarded to Hillary – and she becomes President.

      The very worse case is #2 above and a full audit of the entire election, and we find evidence of Russian hacking changing the vote, notonly for Trump but a number of Republicans in Congress. Data scientists already know that since the 2000 election there has been an over-count in favor of Republicans in the red states of about 3% per election. What this would mean is a full deep forensic audit of the system in many of those states, which would be focused not only on Russian hacking, but Republican Party hacking of the system. If that is done, and the source of the over-count and the Russian hacking is verified… Then some folks are going to prison, likely for a long, long time – including possibly Trump for treason.

      There is already significant evidence of the systems being hacked – discovered in the three states by senior data scientists. Because of the possibility of Constitutional crisis, and likely violence in the streets, the folks in charge of the recounts are playing this one very close to the vest. The Data Scientists are being very, very careful what they say, and claim. The National Security senior people, who have access to all the information, are extremely pissed about Russian intervention – because they know the extent of collaboration between the Trump campaign and Putin’s “KGB” before the actual election.

      There are multiple ways this could wind up in a street war.

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      • lkeke35

        December 2, 2016 at 4:44 PM

        I had thought about the first two, but hadn’t thought thru all the implications of the second. Thank you!



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