Evidence Mounting the Election Was Hacked

14 Nov

You would think the US system for counting the vote is very secure…

It isn’t.

There are a number of places the system can be hacked – both directly as well as electronically.

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The system which rolls up the national vote totals is called GEM. It has been around pretty much for 20 years. It is rather clunky, not connected to the Internet or outside world. Cases of vote rigging have happened in the past.

The State systems which draw up data from the individual polling locations are a different matter. The electronic systems can gather heir data in a number of different ways, whether by flash drive of information directly collected from the voting machines, machine data over a private network, or machine data over the Internet.

Those electronic machines provide no audit data. In other words there is no way to tell if the information contained in the machines has been tampered with.

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Putin’s Bitch supposedly won

The systems vary greatly on security. How secure – we don’t know. Principally because there hasn’t been a concerted effort by professional level hackers to take down the system since the vote which awarded Bush II the 2000 Election successfully.

My belief the system was hacked is based on 4 things –

  1. The differential between the pre-vote polling and exit polls and the counted vote.
  2. The rather interesting shift in several states in favor of Trump as the vote counting neared the end.
  3. The involvement of Russian Government hackers in supporting the Trump Regime, initially by supplying information, hacking Democrat databases, hacking Democrat email accounts, and feeding Wikileaks false information…And as so, there is no reason to believe suddenly the developed a respect for the American voting system.
  4. Trump’s noted lack of ground game. He knew, regardless of how the real vote turned out he would win and therefore didn’t feel the need to press.
  5. The fact that there hasn’t been an audit of the numbers.
  6. Hillary is now projected to win, when the rest of the votes are counted, the vote by over 2 million votes (400,000 currently and counting).

Trump supposedly won in actuality by only 107,000 votes in three states. You can read how that worked here.

That just so happens to be in the range of what could be done by a hack of the GEM System without raising major flags.

Now…The FBI would normally pursue this. Except, as we also know the FBI is in Trump’s pocket.

The election was fixed.

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