“Ain’t Gonna Stay There, No” Customers Bail on Trump Properties

26 May

Seems that there is an unofficial boycott going on. Trump properties are dropping in value like a cannonball off a tall building. Customers are fleeing en masse, as he exposes his ass on national TV every day. Considering that many of his supporters come from the dregs of American society, it is unlikely many can fork over $500 or better a night for a hotel room.

The Trump Hotel…VACANCY – Any room you want!

Trump Hotel bookings plunge online as other companies enjoy growth

Donald Trump promises to “make America great again” if he’s elected president — but he might have a problem making Americans want to stay at his hotels again after his obnoxious campaign is over.

The presumed Republican presidential nominee has slapped his name onto all sorts of products and buildings — but it appears that Trump’s hateful campaign rhetoric may be damaging the Trump business brand, reported Priceonomics.

The website found that bookings at Trump Hotels’ most popular destinations have declined by 59 percent compared to last year.

Priceonomics analyzed hotel data from Hipmunk, one of the website’s customers and a travel search engine, and found that Trump Hotels’ six most-popular locations had been exempt from the overall increase in hotel bookings compared to last year.

“It seems that customers willing to spend $500 a night on a Trump Hotel room may not be fans of Trump the political candidate,” the website reported.

Trump Hotels made up 1.7 percent of all Hipmunk bookings last year in the major cities where they are located, but customers have been staying away in droves over the past three months, compared with the same three-month period last year.

His hotels in New York City and Las Vegas have seen their share of each city’s total bookings drop by more than 70 percent, and the Trump Hotel in Toronto has seen its share drop by 47 percent, while the one in Chicago has dropped by 31 percent.

Even in Atlantic City, where Trump Hotels have the highest percentage of a city’s total bookings, the Trump Taj Mahal has lost 17 percent of its market share.

Hipmunk’s customers tend to be younger and more urban than other customers, and Trump hasn’t fared especially well among that demographic.

But for now, at least, it appears Trump the politician might not be helping Trump the businessman.

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