Louisiana May Have to Close State Universities Due to Republican Deficit Disaster

04 Mar

Republicans signing the Grover Norquest tax reduction plan have now failed utterly and disastriously in at least 3 States. Republican Governor Bobby Jindal took a state budget surplus to deficit levels never seen before. Things got so bad under Jindal and his Republican led legislature, they had to pawn the state owned vehicles at auction to keep the lights on.

Faced with a cash flow issue as the legislature tries desperately to recover funds through tax increases and revenue proposals back to the level required for basic services – the current proposal to cover the massive shortfall includes the decision to close the State Colleges and Universities, the largest of which is Louisiana Tech. Further – shutting down some hospitals in the state.

This sort of tax-slashing myopia and adherence to Republican Orthodoxy has now had serious impacts in 3 states, including Kansas, which had to shut down the Public School System last year, and Michigan where thousands were poisoned by the water in Flint.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s summary below – and the emergency speech by Louisiana’s new Democrat Governor, who has been in office less than a month.

Governor John Bel Edwards who has an uphill battle to get his Republican led legislature to see the light…



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2 responses to “Louisiana May Have to Close State Universities Due to Republican Deficit Disaster

  1. roderick2012

    March 7, 2016 at 10:36 AM

    Where were these student protestors and letters from professors four years ago when Jindal was running for re-election?

    I was actually happy to see Brownback re-elected in Kansas because I knew that if the Democrat had been elected he would have had to do the heavy lifting and propose tax increases and the Republican dominated Kansas legislature would have passed them but blamed the Democratic governor.

    Now whatever happens in Kansas is going to be a Republican clusterf*ck without a Democrat in site to blame.

    However in Louisiana the Democratic governor got the Republican legislature to pass a 22-cents increase in the cigarette tax, but in the end he’ll get blamed for making all of the tough decisions while Jindal was able to slither out of governor’s mansion.

    As it is with Obama once a Democrats fix ish the voters want to elect Republicans so they destroy it again and then elect a Democrat to fix it and get angry because it’s not being corrected quickly enough or back to its original condition.


    • btx3

      March 7, 2016 at 12:42 PM

      Hey…This is about football!

      In the South you can screw then entire state into the ground, bankrupt the budget, and be totally incompetent – as long as you don’t mess with football.

      The new Democrat Gov hit them where it hurts! Which is the ONLY reason the Rethugs are cooperating at all.



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