Highway to Hell

31 Jan

The ego of this minister is larger than believable. First asking his congregation to buy him a $68 million jet…

And now a highway.

The home Creflo’s parishioners paid for with plenty of parking for his several Rolls Royces.

Moneybags Pastor Creflo Dollar Might Get His Very Own Highway

Controversial megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar may soon have a namesake highway to coast down in his two Rolls-Royces.

It isn’t exactly a street paved with gold and, alas, it doesn’t include any pearly gates, but controversial mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar might be getting his own highway.

A Georgia state senator filed a resolution to rename a portion of Old National Highway in Dollar’s honor.

“It is abundantly fitting and proper that this enduring example of God’s message be recognized by dedicating a road in his honor,” state Sen. Donzella James (D-Atlanta), who appears to have nothing better to do, wrote in her proposed legislation. Last year, James successfully lobbied the legislature to change the name of a section of Spring Street to Gladys Knight Highway.

At least one Atlanta blogger is calling foul.

“There are many, many God-fearing Christians of every denomination who believe [Dollar’s] message is sinful at best, exploitative at worst, and want as much distance between their government and this man as possible,” wrote George Chidi

World Changers Church International, where Dollar is the founding senior pastor, sits in James’s south Fulton County district just outside of Atlanta. Its 8,500-seat World Dome is purportedly home to around 30,000 members, many of whom are pressed to “tithe” 10 percent of their gross earnings to support the ministry. At one point, in 2006, the praying enterprise took in nearly $70 million in cash collections.

While Dollar—who is often derisively called “Rev. Cash-Flow”—has never disclosed his income, he has been widely criticized for enriching himself on the backs of his working-poor and middle-class congregation. The sanctuary, built for $18 million without bank financing, stands in a predominantly black, economically depressed neighborhood. Meanwhile, Dollar owns two Rolls-Royces and flies around the world in a private jet. He made headlines last year when the church attempted to raise $65 million for a brand new luxury Gulfstream.

Dollar “renounced” his church salary in a 2007 interview with The Associated Press and said he relies on personal investments, including income from book sales. A U.S. Senate committee investigated Dollar, along with Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Baptist Church and four other faith leaders, but ultimately found no wrongdoing.

“Some people hear the name Creflo Dollar, and immediately sing his praises,” Andre Walker blogged at Georgia Unfiltered.

“Others hear the name Creflo Dollar, and think he’s a two-bit shyster who uses the Bible and poor religious people to support his lavish lifestyle through the so-called prosperity gospel.”

Dollar, who faced allegations that he punched and choked his daughter in June 2012, hasn’t said a word about James’s proposal. According to police reports, the pastor “slapped” his 15-year-old daughter in the face and “choked her for about five seconds.” Another of Dollar’s daughters, who was 19 at the time, allegedly witnessed the attack. In the heat of the accusations, the preacher denied that the altercation unfolded as his daughters reported and issued a public statement, saying he would never hurt them. His supporters pointed to a father’s “duty” to discipline his children….


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3 responses to “Highway to Hell

  1. constructivefeedbak

    January 31, 2016 at 7:10 PM

    Mr BT:

    I shed a tear for you.
    That is a picture of the Evander Hollyfield/Rick Ross House.

    The “Crefolo Dollar” House, that was built by Regina Bell/Basketball Player John Battle and then sold to Basketball Player Chris Weber before Creflo Dollar and family assumed ownership.

    You have some massive issues within your soul to reconcile. While one Black man who has millions of dollars from pushing a “Drug Dealer Image” (Rick Ross) can own a large mansion on “Old National Highway – GA 279”, unscathed from your criticism, a Black man who has built up a complex where thousands of Black people come each week to worship, learn, receive counselling, health care consulting and marriage strengthening exercises – DESPITE THE FACT that Old National Highway’s other retail/restaurant outlets are dominated by:

    * Mexican owned restaurants
    * White owned sports bars
    * Corporate owned franchises
    * AND a few small Black owned food outlets that go starving as Black patrons go to these other venues owned by people outside of their communities…………..

    It is par for the course for you to target Creflo Dollar – the ONLY one of these outlets that are Black owned, prosperous and the church real estate holdings have open doors to the people.

    In fact – I believe that World Changers owns too much property that used to be used for commercial ventures that have failed, and are not generating property taxes because the church uses them (at least 4 former strip mall – multi-tenant buildings) for various church related purposes.


  2. constructivefeedbak

    January 31, 2016 at 7:18 PM

    THIS IS THE CORRECT PICTURE of the “Creflo Dollar House”.!!! (On Sandy Creek Dr).
    That other picture is Rick Ross’ house on Old National Highway. (The portion of Old National Highway to the SOUTH OF Hwy 138 that is currently named “Evander Hollyfield Hwy”. The portion to the NORTH of 138 would be labeled “Creflo Dollar”.

    Fear not Old National has a tremendous violence and murder problem.
    If Dollar’s name is on it you can demand that he do something to lift the thoroughfare up to a higher standard.


  3. roderick2012

    February 1, 2016 at 7:57 AM

    Oh dear, someone was lonely on a Sunday evening.

    I can’t imagine why.



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