24 Questions for White People From Black People

30 Sep

Amusing…and a few are on point…

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One response to “24 Questions for White People From Black People

  1. roderick2012

    September 30, 2015 at 2:33 PM

    While paid toady McWhorter makes the media round trashing BLM…..

    Delaware cops beat mentally ill man when his quadriplegic wife was unable to follow order to stand up physically and mentally disabled couple said Delaware police beat the husband during an early morning drug raid at a relative’s home.

    The Rehoboth Beach couple said state police found Ruther Hayes, a disabled veteran who takes medication for schizophrenia, giving a sponge bath to his wife, Lisa, when they burst into her mother’s home June 30, 2014, looking for two relatives, reported The News Journal.

    Police arrested two nephews at the home, but only one of them was charged with a drug crime, and he eventually pleaded guilty to one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Officers with the Special Operations Response Team found the disabled couple, who were staying with Lisa Hayes’ mother for two weeks while their daughter attended an ice skating camp, in a back bedroom of the home, according to a lawsuit.

    Five family members had already told police that Lisa Hayes, a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, was unable to use her legs, and the lawsuit claims officers should have seen her wheelchair in the bedroom where her husband bathed her.

    But state troopers pointed their guns at the disabled woman and “shouted at her to do that which she could not: stand up,” the lawsuit claims.

    Ruther Hayes tried to cover his partially nude wife with a sheet, but the lawsuit shows that police shoved him to the ground and repeatedly punched him before shocking the mentally ill man twice with a stun gun.

    State police detained Ruther Hayes and charged him resisting arrest, although the charge was later dropped.

    BTW the husband was ex-military not that it matter since all the cops cared to see was his black skin.



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