Daring Rescue By Family in Louisiana Kidnapping

11 Nov

In one of those rare instances where things actually work out, members of a kidnapped woman’s family were able to save her life, after efforts by the police failed.

This one also goes under “benefits of a big family”, as over 20 of Bethany Arceneaux’s relatives joined in the search to find her after she disappeared, and kept looking after Police had given up for the day.

A bloodied and battered Bethany Arceneaux is carried from the car to the hospital by her cousin Marceus Arceneaux. Police have withheld the name of the Cousin who rescued her from her kidnapper apparently seconds before he killed her.

Kidnapped woman rescued by cousin in Louisiana, police said

A woman who had been kidnapped two days earlier was found Friday with multiple stab wounds inside an abandoned house in Louisiana — and freed by family members in a daring operation, police said.

The man who allegedly held her hostage for 30 hours in a vacant home in Duson, La., was shot and killed by the woman’s cousin as he rescued her, police said.

Authorities of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office had been searching for Bethany Arceneaux, 29, since late Wednesday, after her car was found abandoned outside her child’s day care center, Capt. Kip Judice told NBC News.

Judice said police believed Scott Thomas, 29, the father of Arceneaux’s son, was the abductor. The two had domestic troubles, and Arceneaux had a restraining order against Thomas, Judice added.

The woman’s family decided to look for Arceneaux themselves. On Friday, about 20 relatives formed a search party and began to search on foot, Judice said.

Arceneaux’s cousin heard cries coming from an abandoned home in a sugar field about 10 miles from where the woman was last seen.

Armed with a gun, the man forced his way into the home. As the cousin made his way through the house, Thomas allegedly stabbed Arceneaux several times. The cousin then fired several shots at Thomas and then fled with Arceneaux, Judice said.

The woman confirmed to authorities that her cousin shot Thomas as Thomas was stabbing her.

Arceneaux is undergoing treatment at the Lafayette General Medical Center and is in good condition, Judice said.

Police found Thomas dead in the vacant home. He had allegedly held Arceneaux at knifepoint for 30 hours before she was rescued, Judice added.

Arceneaux’s cousin is not in police custody and has not been charged with a crime. He is cooperating with authorities, Judice said.

Under Louisiana law, a justifiable homicide statute allows an individual to defend himself as well as others he feels are in danger, which includes great bodily harm or death, police said.


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2 responses to “Daring Rescue By Family in Louisiana Kidnapping

  1. DW Jazzlover

    November 11, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    Thankfully they got to her in time!!! This kind of assaults on young women is happening just to often lately.
    Where do we start? Restraining orders are clearly not working!!
    How do we reach our Brothers at the same time about respecting our women!!
    God Bless this Family and I am so grateful that she is alive.


    • btx3

      November 11, 2013 at 5:10 PM

      The problem is a legacy of two things. Raygun shutting down the Mental Asylums, which were a way poor people could get help…

      And the making of Mental Medical help inaccessible to vast numbers of people due to astronomical health insurance costs.

      Raygun created the homeless situation in America, and foisted the violent Mental Ill onto the prison system instead of any sort of systemized long term treatment.

      Should Democrats and President Obama have the courage to make it work and fix what is wrong with the current law, Obamacare will solve at least the issue of outpatient access to counseling and Medical help.

      I am not sure how we undo the damage Raygun did in his “privatization” of long term Mental care – but it is fairly obvious the prison system isn’t a much better solution than the barbaric mental institutions of 100-200 years ago. Nor, if the failure of privatization of prisons in many states is any indication – is subsidizing private industry to provide the sort of long term intensive care needed by some ill people.



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