Bill Cosby…Again

16 Sep

Not sure how Bill got conned into appearing on Don Lemon’s show (senility?), but here he is. The first clip is about the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Church Bombing. And on a day like today, where we suffered through yet another of the seemingly weekly mass murders by gun at the Navy Yard in Washington DC – It’s a good time to reflect…

Now the second clip is the Cosby of a few years ago. The money line for conservatives to misinterpret what is saying is “No-groes” which he spouts at the 5 minute mark.

Now, Cosby makes a very good point about the juvenile incarceration system in this country – and it’s systemic failure.You can bet that isn’t what is going to be quoted…


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Posted by on September 16, 2013 in Faux News, The New Jim Crow


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One response to “Bill Cosby…Again

  1. roderick2012

    September 17, 2013 at 8:05 AM

    Bill Cosby needs to STFU and sit his date raping behind down somewhere in a corner.

    What he and O.J. prove is that even in racist America money can buy a black man out of the type of trouble that would have landed most poor whites and blacks in jail for a long long time.

    BTW Bill Cosby isn’t that special. He just happened to be that acceptable Negro at a time when racist Hollywood was promoting African Americans.

    But even today the best parts blacks can get are those of maids and butlers.




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