Bill Maher – Trayvon Killed Because of Democrat Complicity on Gun Control

Bill has this one right. The whack jobs in this country have gotten way to much power on gun control and need badly to be reigned in…

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2 Responses

  1. The thing of it is, you can’t go in half-assed about it. We already know our respective positions on the matter, but I’ll state for the record that private possession of a weapon of mass destruction is an anachronism. And of all societies, the US has proven time and again that it is not mature enough as a whole for individuals to be able to have them.

    Grandfather in all current gun possessions, but phase out gun sales and significantly ratchet up the requirements for gun registration and use, including bi-annual psych and shooting tests. I do own guns, but owning them is not what has kept me safe all my life, in fact they’ve had absolutely no bearing on my well being.

    • someplace, there is a line between guys who hunt and enjoy the sport side of shooting, and the whack jobs. Unfortunately most of the new laws proposed by Republicans in red states favor the whack jobs and have nothing to do with the legitimate sportsman. You don’t need a gun to go to church. You don’t need a gun to go to a PTA meeting. Yet that is what has been defined by legislation.

      It is time to take this one head on.

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