And He Sings, Too!

President Obama at the Apollo Theater!

Nice Cover of Al Green!


3 Responses

  1. Ha, ha, ha. Obama is almost as bad as Republicans when it comes to stooping to playing the race card.

    Does Obama believe that blacks are so easily duped that care more about his covering some soul song at the Apollo rather than look at his record and his willingness to throw blacks under the bus during his first three years in office?

    Maybe Obama should have been shuffling at Faux News since he’s bent over backwards to curry favor with them.

    GTFOOH Negro–oh I meant half-Negro. LOL

    • The problem with the conservative view being that anything effectively benefiting the black community must be “anti-white” by their definition.

      I think any reasonably intelligent student of what has happened over at the DOJ the last 3 years – doesn’t quite have such a primitive view.

  2. Yes there is a lot of things we don’t see or measure. All of America must look at itself today, and tweak – half-negro is boring and a hang-up; those who hate him don’t see half on nothing.

    Humbling your self among your best sympathizer is an old American tradition. What a roost is all about. Why not Afro-Americans

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