In Riverside, Ca – Not Only do you Go To Jail… You have to Rent Your Own Cell.

04 Nov

Damn – now the prisoners have to rent their cells!

No Pool, No Pets, $140 a Night...

Riverside Charges Inmates for Stays In ‘Prison Hotels’

Should inmates have to pay the county back for taxpayer money spent on their jail time? This week, Riverside County supervisors unanimously voted yes.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Supervisor Jeff Stone called jails “prison hotels,” costing an average of $142.42 a day.

According to the Press-Enterprise, he said “I think we’re blazing a new trail here. In these very challenging economic times, I believe this can be a source of revenue. I believe this can return 3 to 5 million (dollars) a year during these very challenging economic times.”

Supervisor Stone told the Huffington Post, “Inmates will be charged $140 for each day in jail and for drug testing, medical care and parol costs.” He explained that a defendent who uses a public defender will also be charged for the attorney fees if he is found to have equity, such as a property. “If the parolee does not have liquid funds to pay, the County will put a lien against the property to receive payment when the property is sold. The County will do the same on the parolee’s parents’ property if that’s the only way to get the money.”

County Counsel Pamela Walls, however, wrote in a memo to the supervisors that it will be hard to collect reimbursements because “those defendants who are convicted of crimes and incarcerated typically have limited funds.” Furthermore, she argues that because defendants will have to pay victim restitution, fines and penalties first, few will have money left to cover jail time costs.

And yet, Riverside County Superior Court Executive Officer Sherri Carter said the county has already successfully increased collections in 2009-2010 by $1 million. In a letter to the supervisors, Carter wrote, “I am confident this trend will continue, and look forward to future positive reports to the county.”…

You know things are screwed up in this country…

When you have to have money even to go to jail.


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3 responses to “In Riverside, Ca – Not Only do you Go To Jail… You have to Rent Your Own Cell.

  1. Lashana D. Leigh

    November 11, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    Since they are collecting rent, now maybe they will be look for clientele, that is not in the hood, since obviously they have difficulty paying house rent there, LOL!


  2. brotherbrown

    November 12, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    The mentality is so backwards, though. What good does it do to release a prisoner and saddle her/him with additional debt, in addition to whatever restitution parolees have to pay? You are essentially contributing to a life sentence if you make it impossible for the formerly incarcerated to re-enter society.


  3. t-shirts101

    November 14, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Since when was jail / prison meant to rehabilitate or make it easier for the formerly incarcerated to re-enter society? Prisons are being privatized; saddling ex-cons with additional debt reinforces a steady clientelle. (Debtor’s prisons of a sort.)



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