More American Right Wing Whackjob Terrorists Caught

01 Nov

The biggest danger from terrorism in this country is from Domestic terrorism.  In today’s political climate that in vast majority means right wing terrorism, wherein Militias and various fringe groups look to kill their fellow Americans.

The weird thing about this one… Is these guys should be old enough to know better.

Now, one of the questions is what (if any) connection is between these guys and the “Oath Keepers“, one of whom was convicted last week for a disrupted terrorist attack on a Courthouse?

Tea Party darlings, all…

Four North Georgia men arrested in alleged covert militia plot

Another pack of McVeigh Wannabes?

Four North Georgia men accused of being members of a fringe militia group were arrested Tuesday by federal authorities for planning to make the deadly toxin ricin and obtain explosives, federal authorities said.

Authorities said that, beginning in March, the men held clandestine militia meetings and discussed using toxic agents and assassinations in an effort to undermine federal and state government and advance their interests.

The four men taken into federal custody are: Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, and Toccoa residents Dan Roberts, 67; Ray H. Adams, 65; and Samuel J. Crump, 68. They are charged with

“These defendants, who are alleged to be part of a fringe militia group, are charged with planning attacks against their own fellow citizens and government,” U.S. Attorney Sally Yates said. “To carry out their agenda, two of the defendants allegedly purchased purported explosives and a silencer, while the other two defendants took steps to attempt to produce a deadly biological toxin.”

According to federal authorities, Thomas, Roberts, Adams and others who attended the meetings discussed targeting various government officials, including employees of the IRS. The meetings were monitored and tape recorded by a confidential source for the FBI, authorities said.

Complaints unsealed Tuesday allege that Roberts knew a man who had manufactured the biological toxin, ricin, and had access to the castor beans used to make it.

During one of the group’s meetings in September, which was recorded by the confidential source, Crump said he would like to make 10 pounds of ricin and disperse it in various U.S. cities, including Atlanta, the complaints said. Crump said ricin could be blown from a car traveling on the interstates.

Ricin can be fatal if inhaled or ingested


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4 responses to “More American Right Wing Whackjob Terrorists Caught

  1. nanakwame

    November 2, 2011 at 7:38 AM

    • btx3

      November 2, 2011 at 11:18 AM

      With Cain’s implosion over the past few days – which comes as no surprise, the Republicans are running out of candidates. Romney’s strategy is indeed to be the last man standing. That has been fully aided by his opponents ability to self destruct.

      Now – the question is…Will the evangelicals, particularly in the South, vote for a Mormon?

      Looking at the most current numbers – the Rethugs also lose the House.


  2. t-shirts101

    November 2, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    Right Wing Choices: Vote for the wrong color or the wrong religion. I bet a lot of them will simply stay home.


    • btx3

      November 2, 2011 at 4:17 PM

      I think so, too. I have a feeling this next election is going to be a tidal wave against Republicans because of the actions of guys like Cantor, and Scott Walker.



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