UC Berkeley Republicans Bring Back Racist Bake Sale

The first one to come up with this was Dinesh D’Souza, the author of a racist, and discredited screed done for the Hoover Foundation – “The End of Racism” in 1995 during his book tour at campuses. John Stossel converted it into a nationwide campaign.

The funny thing about this is that when Prop 209 was passed in California, outlawing Affirmative Action, while black and Hispanic numbers went down – the percentage and number of white students did too. Indeed, the sole “winners” of Prop 209 were Asian students, which now make up 50% or more of most elite California Schools. Post Prop 209, the white student percentage has dropped from near 50% to 30% at Berkeley and other schools.

So when these Republicans are selling bake goods for…

$2 to white students and $1.50 to Asian students – that is racism. Asian kids aren’t the ones who got the preferences. The biggest losers in the conservative attempt to eliminate black and Hispanic students and resegregate California Universities…

Was white kids. And the group most advantaged before Prop 209 by Affirmative Action…

Was white people.

Not much different from when an earlier generation of Republicans/Tea Baggers was carrying these signs –

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  2. Ward Connerly deserves a lawn jockey award.

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