Pat Buchanan Calls President Obama…”Boy”

03 Aug

Conservatives really have to quit trying to be cool by using slang either developed in the black community, or colloquialisms which have racial undertones.

I mean – why go there, when so obviously ill equipped? Obviously this was a shot by Buchanan to try and get under Sharpton’s skin…


Here’s “Punchdrunk Pat” Buchanan…

Pat Buchanan Calls Obama ‘Your Boy’ To Al Sharpton, Clarifies Remark 

Pat Buchanan was forced to clarify some potentially controversial remarks he made on MSNBC Tuesday night.

Buchanan was on Al Sharpton’s 6 PM show, having a very boisterous discussion with the Rev. about President Obama’s debt deal. Sharpton was defending Obama’s handling of the situation, and Buchanan was challenging his interpretation of events. He brought up the issue of the Bush tax cuts.

“And let me tell you, your boy, Barack Obama, caved in on it in 2010 and he’ll cave in on it again,” he said. Sharpton looked shocked.

“My what? My president Barack Obama? What did you say?” he asked. “He’s your boy in the ring, he’s your fighter,” Buchanan responded.

“He’s nobody’s boy,” Sharpton thundered back. “He’s your president and he’s our president. And that’s what y’all have got to get through your head.”

On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” Buchanan sought to clarify his remarks.

“I was asked who was the big losers in these battles and the big winners, and I said one of the big losers, using boxing terminology, was ‘your boy,’ and I meant the president of the United States,” he said. “Rev. Sharpton said my boy is the president of the United States and he’s doing a rope-a-dope in the Ali fashion and he’s going to finish off your crowd. Now this was taken, some folks took what I said as some kind of slur. None was meant, none was intended, none was delivered, for the record.”



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2 responses to “Pat Buchanan Calls President Obama…”Boy”

  1. Roderick

    August 4, 2011 at 10:28 AM

    I think Buchanan was trying to use some urban slang because he was debating against Sharpton so only from that perspective is what he said was racist, but given Buchanan’s history it was could have been seen as an overtly racist statement.


    • btx3

      August 4, 2011 at 10:37 AM

      I think Buchanan and Sharpton are actually friends. Buchanan was definitely trying to do the “black slang” thing.



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