“Cash and Carry” Supreme Court Sells America Down the Tubes

07 Jul

The most corrupt court in America, also happens to be it’s highest.  Whether performing judicial fellatio for the Koch Brothers, or a political hand job in the Citizens United case – the 5 conservative justices on the Supreme Court are sold to the highest bidder…

Starting with Tommie Clarence and of course, Antonin Scalia.

My biggest disillusionment with the Obama Administration and crop of Yellowback Democrats is, while they are willing to go after their own – such as Charlie Rangel and “Cash Jefferson”…

There has been an utter refusal to bring Republican miscreants to justice, whether it was the criminal underworld of the previous Bush Administration – or the current legislation for sale Republican Congress… Or the Supreme Court Justices who flaunt both the rules and the Law.

I often work in Third World countries. This sort of corruption is often an endemic problem. and one of the major roadblocks to progress. Conservatives make America as corrupt as one of those Tinpot Dictatorships – each and every day. Indeed, the United States is now 22nd on the World Corruption Index.

The Supreme Court closes the door to justice

Has the Supreme Court lost faith in the American court system? That is a strange question to ask about the justices who sit at the top of the country’s judicial hierarchy. But in case after case in the just-completed term, the court, usually in 5-4 decisions with the conservatives in the majority, denied access to the courts.

Consider just a few of the examples:

• The court ruled that patients who suffer devastating injuries from generic prescription drugs cannot sue the manufacturers for failing to provide adequate warnings even when drug companies making the non-generic versions of the same drugs can be sued on the same basis.

• The court held that standard clauses in consumer contracts calling for arbitration preclude consumers from joining class-action suits even when the effect almost surely would be that no individual lawsuits would be filed because the amount involved was too small.

• The court decided that employees who claim to be victims of sex discrimination cannot sue in class actions when the employer has a policy that prohibits discrimination.

• The court concluded that a man who spent 18 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit could not sue the prosecutors who hid key evidence.

• The court said that taxpayers cannot bring an action in federal court arguing that a state impermissibly established religion by giving tax credits that go almost entirely to religious schools.

• The court held that prisoners convicted in state court cannot obtain a hearing in federal court even when they have new evidence that calls into question their convictions — because of matters such as ineffective defense counsel or failure of prosecutors to turn over evidence — notwithstanding a federal statute that expressly authorizes such hearings.


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2 responses to ““Cash and Carry” Supreme Court Sells America Down the Tubes

  1. brotherbrown

    July 8, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Why is the judiciary a sacred cow? The capital and productivity drain on the economy has to approach 40-50% yet other than prison reform, it is not even mentioned.

    Yesterday I had to go to court to show proof that I had replaced a windshield on my car. What I witnessed was long lines and a steady stream of money being collected. I owe $25 for providing visual proof that I spent $130 to change out a cracked windshield. SMDH!


    • btx3

      July 8, 2011 at 11:36 AM

      Yeah…I know. For localities the Judicial System is a cash cow. A tax on citizens. Couple of towns in this area have jacked regular expired meter Parking Tickets up to $150 – with the tickets doubling if not paid in 10 days. If you refuse to pay it, they will not renew your car registration – statewide.

      One area I can think of has virtually no pay parking lots, and no Subway access. Of course they have 20 meter maids scouring the meters.

      It really is extortion, and a tax by another name.



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