Just When You Thought Some American Athletes Were Crazy… The Rugby Axe Murderer

01 Apr

Seems we can’t go though a sports season without one or more professional athletes behaving badly (Big Ben and the Masseuse sexual harassment) , or suffering some entirely self-inflicted wound (Burress shooting himself accidentally)…

But just to show that stupidity and craziness are not the sole prerogative of American athletes…

We have the odd case of the South African Rugby Axe Murderer.

One too Many Head Butts... or Steroids?

Rugby Star Charged With Axe Murders

A retired South African rugby star who allegedly went on a killing spree with an axe in one hand and a Bible in the other has been charged with three murders. Joseph Ntshongwana claimed to be taking revenge on a gang that raped his daughter and infected her with HIV, according to a victim who narrowly escaped with his life. Authorities, however, say they’ve established that there was no rape and the former Blue Bulls player doesn’t even have a daughter, the Australian reports. His lawyers argue that he is mentally unfit to stand trial.

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