First Wisconsin Recall Petition Reaches Milestone

01 Apr

In what should be a national landslide by 2011 – the effort to recall Tea Bagged Republican legislators bent on destroying American freedoms is now solidly underway – with the first recall petition in Wisconsin reaching the minimum number of signatures to force a recall election in less than 30 days…

First Wis. Recall Petition Will Be Filed Today

The first recall petition will be filed today against a Wisconsin Senate Republican who joined the rigged vote to take away public employees freedom to bargain. Organizers say volunteers have gathered more than the 15,588 signatures needed to trigger a recall election of Sen. Dan Kapanke, who represents the La Crosse area. Recall supporters say they plan to take the petitions to Madison after a rally today at La Crosse City Hall.

This is the first  of 19 active recall efforts registered between Feb. 24 and March 2 against 16 senators. The filing comes just before the halfway point in the 60-day window the recall committee has to gather signatures in the district.

The state Democratic Party provided infrastructure support but “not a single paid canvasser was needed to trigger the recall versus Dan Kapanke,” said party spokesman Graeme Zielinski, who credited volunteers for collecting more than 20,000 signatures in less than 30 days.

“It took on a life of its own,” said Pat Scheller, who filed the original paperwork to launch the recall effort. Scheller is  a banker and is not a member of any party.

The state Government Accountability Board could order an election on the sixth Tuesday after determining the petition is in order. If there is more than one challenger, that election would be a primary followed by a general election four weeks later.

Bet they can’t wait until January when the citizens of Wisconsin get to fire Governor Scott Walker.

Virginia…Where are you?


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One response to “First Wisconsin Recall Petition Reaches Milestone

  1. Constructive Feedback

    April 4, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    Q1: What is the geographic distribution of Black people in Wisconsin?

    A1: 75% of Blacks in the state live in the city of Miwaukee – a rock solid Democrat controlled city and county.

    Q2: Prior to Gov Scott Walker ever setting foot in office how did GOVERNMENT UNION workers fare in Milwaukee?

    A2: Over the past 3 years:
    * The School Board of Miwaukee laid off 700 workers – about 240 of them teachers.
    No Sharpton, Jackson or NAACP Protested

    * A total of 1,400 additional government workers were slated to be laid off by Miwaukee but for a last minute compromise that saved their jobs. The workers agreed to pay more for their health care benefits.

    No elected Democrat in the city lost his job for LAYING OFF WORKERS or “balancing the budget on the backs of workers”.

    Funny how that works.



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