Ghadaffi Compares Self to Queen, Blames Bin Lauden, is Granted Asylum in Arizona…

24 Feb

Libyan, (hopefully) soon to be ex-Dictator today compared himself to the Queen of England!

‘I’m like the Queen of England,’ Gaddafi rants as rebels close on his bunker

Just so my English frinds don’t think we are all “confused” here in America – here is a pic of the Queen and Muhammar…

Hate to break this on you Muhammar... But the Queen's Dress is much prettier than yours! And her hat is stunning, unlike whatever that is you got wrapped around your head masquerading as one of those Russian hats with the pull down ear flaps...

And another thing… Does the Sammie Davis Estate know you stole his glasses from his 1960’s Vegas “Rat Pack” Collection?

Sammy Davis With "Vegas" Glasses

Now – as to Osama Bin Lauden causing all the recent troubles in Libya… I’m not sure he’s after the whole country…

Bin Lauden's New Bodyguard?

In any event, if you will leave the country in the next 48 Hours I beleive we have set up the perfect place for you to hide ou… errrrrr… seek asylum!

The climate is perfect, and similar to North Africa. And just the friendliest folks you’ve ever met – with a small “immigration problem”!

I know! I know! You’ve never had an immigration problem in the 30 years you’ve ruled Libya. But Arizona is just perfect! We’ve enrolled you in the Tea Party, which has really been searching for an experienced dictator – and you can run for “Senator for Life” next term as the Party’s favorite candidate against John McCain!

And the best part is… Nobody else in the other 49 states cares anymore!

Uhhhh… No… We won’t be able to bring your bodyguard along… Seems they already defected.

But we can set you up to do a TV Special with Sarah!

And yes, this is an attempt at satire. Even I don’t believe Ghadaffi is crazy enough to hang around a bunch of Tea Bagger Republicans!



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3 responses to “Ghadaffi Compares Self to Queen, Blames Bin Lauden, is Granted Asylum in Arizona…

  1. CNu

    March 1, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    And another thing… Does the Sammie Davis Estate know you stole his glasses from his 1960′s Vegas “Rat Pack” Collection?

    oh hails to the gnaw….,

    That’s Sammy in the 80’s trendsetting and rocking a pair of authentic Cazal 607’s – HipHop Sammy, a la Run DMC, not no dayyum vegas ratpack Sammy.


    • btx3

      March 2, 2011 at 10:29 AM

      Naaaw! Even my Detroit “Gangster” buddies had given those up by the 80’s! Maybe the 70’s?


  2. CNu

    March 2, 2011 at 10:51 AM


    is those is, or is those ain’t Cazal 607’s? (they is)


    iff’n they is, there’s a definitive date on which authentic “Made in West Germany” Cazal 607’s were released into the fashion-o-sphere.

    say what you will homeboy, but if memory serves, Sammy was still conking through the 1970’s and the above picture clearly shows him as a Reagan medal of honor or some such award recipient and thereby places him squarely in the mid-80’s gettin his Run-Run DMC!!!! on…..,



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