Tom Walter, Baseball Coach at Wake Forest Donates Kidney to Player

09 Feb

An amazing and heart warming story of a Coach committed to his players –

Tom Walter, Wake Forest Baseball Coach, Donates Kidney to Player

Wake Forest Baseball Coach, Tom Walter

Wake Forest Center Fielder, Kevin Jordan

College coaches in all sports like to talk a lot about creating family atmospheres for their players, but it never really seems like that matters as much as winning and promoting their own careers on the backs of 19-year-olds.

Tom Walter does things a little bit differently. He actually acts like a father in the hour of greatest need. The coach of Wake Forest’s baseball team donated a kidney to freshman outfielderKevin Jordan on Monday. Jordan got sick last year and his kidney function gradually got worse and worse until they were only functioning at 8 percent of their ability. No members of his actual family were compatible matches, but his coach was a good match, which led to what Walter called a “no-brainer decision.”

“I would do anything to help any one of my players or any of my family members-anything in my power to help them have a better quality of life is something that I want to do,” Walter said. “Maybe it’s something as little as helping mentor them in their academic pursuits, or helping them choose a major, or something of a greater magnitude like this. My No. 1 priorities in life are my family and my team and I’ll do anything to help any one of those people.”

You hear words like that all the time. Rarely do you see people back them up so completely. The surgery was deemed a success and you can check out the full story at Baseball America for more from Walter, Jordan’s father and others about this heartwarming gesture.

Note to Baseball fans – Kevin is the son of former major leaguer Brian Jordan, and was drafted from High School by the New York Yankees last year in the 19th Round. He opted for Wake Forest.

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