Steve Harvey’s New Self Help Book – “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

Not sure how Steve Harvey became a relationship advisor, but in the spirit of keeping it somewhat real – here is an interview of Harvey on his new book…

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6 Responses

  1. His ex is creating big drama

    • In one of the other Youtube videos I saw, he took a few shots at his ex. I can understand why she is raising a ruckus.

  2. As long as we remind ourselves that he’s just a comedian looking for laughs and a buck, I can accept that most of his rants are immature and don’t really help improve male-female interpersonal relations.

  3. Anyone who’s serious and has been around for longer than a minute will NOT take Steve Harvey seriously as far as m/f relationships go. My wife was introduced to his first book when we were dating and told me about how stupid his advice was – and I saw 1st hand.

  4. what next, parenting and relationship advice from ronald a. barr?

    between this zip coon and michael “jiggaboo” baisden – hoodrats and chickenheads are being ushered toward the relational apocalypse….,

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