There Is Justice For the Rich And Powerful In One Last Place In the World!

The United States is now ranked on 22nd out of 168 Countries in having the least corruption. One of the reasons is the rich and powerful in the United States very seldom go to jail for their crimes, or receive hand slaps.

Nice to see in Israel, despite there being little justice for Arabs living in the country…

There is still justice for the high and mighty.

(Ignore the dumb arsed Cisco Commercial! From my view they are part of the problem here in the US.)

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  1. BT:

    I still blog on my other blog, but I put my new blog win the website field. Now back to why I am commenting…the root of the problems in the world is because of the rich and powerful. I finished watching a DVD documentary titled “End Games” a full version of it is on You Tube. I believe you will find it interesting, but not surprising.

    • Hi There, Blindersoff – Hadn’t seen you in a while. Glad to see you are still aboard the blogging ship.


  2. Opps, I meant to wish you a Happy New Year!

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