Tucker Carlson Wants to Kill Michael Vick

While filling in for Sean Hannity last night, Carlson said that while he’s a Christian and “all for forgiveness,” Michael Vick killed dogs—and Carlson believes “he should have been executed for that.”

Now this is one of the guys who supported rendition and torture …of humans.

On CNN’s Crossfire (10/27/01), conservative Tucker Carlson was succinct: “Torture is bad. Keep in mind, some things are worse. And under certain circumstances, it may be the lesser of two evils. Because some evils are pretty evil.”

Once again, Carlson’s sense of justice is skewed by his racism.

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5 Responses

  1. They do love their canines more than their negroes…

    • These were the same guys who passed a law that FEMA had to save pets after Katrina… Never mind the people drowning or burning to death

  2. Tucker Carlson: “… I’m a Christian, BUT…” Ain’t no “buts” if you profess to be a Christian. Either you are or you ain’t. Didn’t Jesus die because of the death penalty?

  3. A comedian said that Vick should be ordered to take care of cats. Have animals that are entirely indifferent to his azz and be doomed to forever clean litter boxes.

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