Kristallnacht in Arizona

29 Dec

On April 6, 1933, the German Students Association’s Main Office for Press and Propaganda proclaimed a nationwide “Action against the Un-German Spirit,” to climax in a literary purge or “cleansing” (Säuberung) by fire. Local chapters were to supply the press with releases and commissioned articles, sponsor well-known Nazi figures to speak at public gatherings, and negotiate for radio broadcast time. On April 8, the students association also drafted its twelve “theses” — deliberately evocative ofMartin Luther — declarations and requisites of a “pure” national language and culture. Placards publicized the students’ “theses,” which attacked “Jewish intellectualism,” asserted the need to “purify” the German language and literature, and demanded that universities be centers of German nationalism. The students described the proclaimed “action” as a response to a worldwide Jewish “smear campaign” against Germany and an affirmation of traditional German values... Welcome to Arizona

A new law is set to take place in Arizona, HB 2281 – which is to ban “Ethnic Studies”. “Ethnic” in this case being any American who isn’t white… The need to  “purify” the American language and literature… Indeed. By 1938 the pogrom had reached fever pitch, and Kristallnacht. About the only difference between the Nazi Kristallnacht and an American Lynching (Tulsa, Rosewood) I can see is the spiffy Nazi uniforms. Same program, different channel. Both were preceded by virulent anti-minority language, with action bolstered by, and given the “seal of approval” of law.

As a child of the 60’s, I ask myself -“What happened to all the hell raisers?” Been looking for a way to shut the whole state down about now… I guess we didn’t have video games.

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies and, Along With it, Reason and Justice

While much condemnation has rightly been expressed toward Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, a less-reported and potentially more sinister measure is set to take effect on January 1, 2011. This new law, which was passed by the conservative state legislature at the behest of then-School Superintendent (and now Attorney General-elect) Tom Horne, is designated HB 2281 and is colloquially referred to as a measure to ban ethnic studies programs in the state. As with SB 1070, the implications of this law are problematic, wide-ranging and decidedly hate filled.

Whereas SB 1070 focused primarily on the ostensible control of bodies, HB 2281 is predominantly about controlling minds. In this sense, it is the software counterpart of Arizona’s race-based politicking, paired with the hardware embodied in SB 1070’s “show us your papers” logic of “attrition through enforcement,” which has already resulted in tens of thousands of people leaving the state. With HB 2281, the intention is not so much to expel or harass as it is to inculcate a deep-seated, second-class status by denying people the right to explore their own histories and cultures. It is, in effect, about the eradication of ethnic identity among young people in the state’s already-floundering school system, which now ranks near the bottom in the nation.

There’s a word for what Arizona is attempting to do here: ethnocide. It is similar to genocide in its scope, but it reflects the notion that it is an ethnic and/or cultural identity under assault more so than physical bodies themselves. By imposing a curriculum that forbids the exploration of divergent cultures while propping up the dominant one, there’s another process at work here, what we might call ethnonormativity. This takes the teachings of one culture – the colonizer’s – and makes it the standard version of history while literally banning other accounts, turning the master narrative into the “normal” one, and further denigrating marginalized perspectives. America’s racialized past abounds with such examples of oppressed people being denied their languages, histories and cultures, including through enforced indoctrination in school systems.

As if to add insult to injury, HB 2281 barely makes a pretense to hide any of this in its language and intended scope. A close reading of the law lays bare some of the more stark and sinister aspects of its potential application in a state where Hispanic students fill nearly half the seats in the public schools (the domain to which HB 2281 will apply). In particular, there are three primary aspects of the law that merit further investigation as contributing factors to the ongoing erasure of ethnic identities and the further marginalization of people of color in Arizona. (more)



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3 responses to “Kristallnacht in Arizona

  1. nanakwame

    December 29, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    If folks think those Latinos are going to roll over and play dead, they are out of their minds.
    Those so call great generation and sectors in the baby boomers, have forgotten why we fought the Nazis, this nation did not want to got to war against Germans. Yet this proves that an affinity to a German legacy is so strong in the South and So. West. look it up


    • btx3

      December 29, 2010 at 12:09 PM

      Nazi Prisoners in WWII lived in better conditions in Arizona than many Hispanic or black folks in the state.



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