Army Birther Doc Gets Jail

17 Dec

Not sure what this guy was thinking about, other than having a Sarah Palin moment – but the Army Doc who refused deployment early this year unless he was allowed to guage the legitimacy of the President by seeing his birth certificate…

Is no longer in the Army… And is on his way to jail… And will lose his retirement benefits for his service, facing a felony conviction and a Dishonorable Discharge. I don’t know if he keeps his Veteran’s benefits for himself and his family. What a waste of an apparently otherwise Honorable 18 years of service.

Here is an interview by Anderson Cooper earlier this year. Looks to me Col Lakin got sucked in and used by the radical right. Now Col Lakin and his family get to pay the Piper…Alone.

‘Birther’ sentenced to six months in prison, kicked out of Army

Just hours after being found guilty at his court-martial, Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin said he was ashamed and remorseful over his decision to refuse deployment to Afghanistan earlier this year, but he hedged on questions about President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

“I don’t want [my career] to end this way,” a tearful Lakin said to military jurors during the sentencing phase of his trial Wednesday afternoon. “I want to continue to serve … It crushed me not to be on deployment. I can be on a plane tomorrow. I’d truly do that.”

Lakin, a 17-year Army physician, was sentenced to six months in prison and dismissal from the service on Thursday after being found guilty of disobeying orders and ignoring his deployment orders. In April, Lakin posted an online video declaring he would not return to Afghanistan with his unit until questions regarding Obama’s birth certificate were answered to his satisfaction. The move made him an instant hero to the birther movement, which helped him raise money for his legal defense.

Obama was born in Hawaii, but questions about his parents and overseas upbringing were raised during his 2008 presidential campaign. Hawaiian officials that year verified the existence of his birth certificate, addressing those issues for all but a fringe group that insists that the president is not legally qualified to serve in the White House.

As part of their sentencing evidence, prosecutors played Lakin’s video for the jury. In it, he states that a president who is not a natural-born citizen “would subvert law and truth” and demands that Obama “release your original, signed birth certificate — if you have one.”

During an hour of unsworn testimony, Lakin called that video an embarrassing mistake, brought on by pressure and poor advice from supposed supporters.

“I would not do this again,” he said. “It was a confusing time for me, and I was very emotional. I thought I was choosing the right path, and I did not.”

Lakin said he still believes questions exist about the president’s eligibility for office, but he told jurors that disobeying Army orders to prove that point was a poor way to show his frustration about what he said was a lack of investigation into the issue.

The 45-year-old physician appeared somber and exhausted from two days in court, and was battered by his own civilian defense lawyer during his sentencing statement.

“Are you done disobeying orders, Col. Lakin?” attorney Neal Puckett angrily asked his client. “You invited this court-martial. You invited this sentence. And for the rest of your life, you get to live with a federal felony conviction.”…


Col. – I’d give you one of my “Orange Jumpsuit Awards”, except I think that would be too crass. The victims here are your family, and the ugly fact is, whether through niavete, ignorance, or some desire for self masturbatory fame – you failed more than the Army. As such, you only rate our pity.


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6 responses to “Army Birther Doc Gets Jail

  1. Roderick

    December 17, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    I would have no problem if Obama were proven to be ineligible as President since he has been a disaster for the Democratic Party.

    Just get him out of the way for 2012.


    • btx3

      December 17, 2010 at 2:59 PM

      Interesting you say that, Roderick. Charles Krauthammer believes that with the tax deal, Obama has cemented a second term.


      • Roderick

        December 18, 2010 at 6:11 PM

        BT, tell me you didn’t reference that neocon freak Charles Krauthammer.

        I idolize how you take down the righties on BR and you had to mention that crank Krauthammer?

        Wow ok.

        The problem with the tax deal is that it expires in two years just in time for the election so the Republicans will be back calling Obama and every other Demorcat who voted for it a liberal who wants to raise taxes on the American people. And thanks to Faux News enough fools will believe it to keep Obama out of the White House.

        By signing this tax bill Obama has muddied the waters between what Democrats stand of and what Republicans stand for (maybe that was his intent) so that by 2012 Obama will be the best Republican president ever.*sarcasm*

        BB, Obama doesn’t deserve any respect. Do you remember when Obama invited that beat cop who arrested Skip Gates inside his own house to the White House for a beer?

        Dude says that he didn’t vote for Obama, but Obama wants to make up with him because his approval rating amongst the ‘good’ white folks slipped a couple of points.

        Obama has a bad habit of embracing his enemies while giving his allies the backhand, and leaving people like Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod as political road kill. Scrape them up off the median and toss their corpses into the nearest ditch because to Obama they aren’t human just a distraction from his agenda.

        Throwing Congressional Democrats under the bus by making that backroom tax deal with the GOP on taxes was Obama’s opening savlo for his 2012 campaign.

        God help those of us who aren’t able to afford to buy a President, Congressperson or Senator.


      • btx3

        December 19, 2010 at 11:04 AM

        Kraut is OK. While I disagree with about 90% of what he believes – unlike the Becks and other Faux News “stars”, Kraut gives a damn about what happens to the country. Push come to shove, he’ll do what he believes is in the best interest for the country…

        Which isn’t something guys like Beck care about.

        And yeah – I’m very unhappy with our President and his ” Yellow Back Donkey” Party.


  2. brotherbrown

    December 17, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    Unlike you, in a twist on the word of that famous American Mr. T, “I don’t pity this fool.” He is probably also pro DADT, and emblematic of an entire mindset inside (and out) of the military that they can disrespect the president. Yet American citizens are supposed to have special pride in the volunteer army.

    When he gets out of prison, let’s see how he makes his money before we pity him too much.

    Roderick, Damn, a strong sentiment.. I can dig it, but I see too much splintering for anyone to mount a strong enough challenge. Two years will go by quickly, and come January, people will start officially declaring, and the 2012 campaign will be on. There better be measurable progress on Afghanistan. I don’t foresee much progress on unemployment, sadly.


  3. A Constitutionalist

    December 23, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    A long but clearly-written legal essay by Daniel P. Tokaji in the Michigan Law Review explains that the only place to challenge presidential eligibility or election results is in state court — not starting out in federal court, and certainly not in a military court. [Do a Find on ‘September 10, 2010 at 5:00 am’ at ‘The Presidential Poser’

    It doesn’t make sense that it isn’t relevant for the military to challenge the eligibility of the very Commander-in-Chief of the military, but that’s the strange truth of the matter, because the People (through the political process of voting at the state ballot boxes) have power over the Commander-in-Chief, who is in turn over the military.

    The Army’s failures to tell Lakin to go to a state court were not punishable, whereas Lakin’s failure to obey orders was punishable.

    No one kept him from being needlessly hung in the public square. Therefore the ones who are guilty are all who knew but didn’t tell. Not Lakin.

    ‘DON’T ASK for evidence, ‘cause we DON’T TELL you how to get it.’

    Can you jail the Army? Pardon Lakin, jail the lawyers.



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