World’s Second Dumbest Pirates Convicted

24 Nov

This one goes back about a year when an intrepid group of Somali Pirates attempted to hijack an US Warship armed only with their trusty Ak’s and RPGs.

Bad move.

The five piracy suspects in a court illustration

The Guilty hear the verdict

Somali pirates convicted of attacking US Navy ship


Why are these guys the world’s second dumbest pirates?

A US Frigate looks like this –

Look Ma! No Cannons!


So – other than the large white numeric designation on the bow which is a dead giveaway that this is a warship and not the “Betty Boop” tramp steamer out of Kalamazoo, one might mistake this American Warship for a harmless merchant ship from miles away.

Some of these Pirate’s bretheren attacked a French Warship which looks like this on the right –

Things That go Boom! French Frigate Somme






For future reference, the little dome at the front with the “pipe” sticking out of it… Is a cannon.

INS Tabar - Somali pirates attack Indian warship in latest brazen attack

The Tabar, An Indian Navy Frigate

Russian Missile Cruiser, Peter the Great


Out of the running (self-Darwin elimination) for World’s Dumbest Pirates are the Somali Pirates who attacked an Indian and a had a tango with a Russian warship…

It’s hard to take smithereens to trial.

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