Kiss and Tell

13 Oct

Wow! As if the 2010 Republican candidates could even get more freaky! You got your garden variety Witch, a yard Nazi, latex lugerManchurian whores, and Porno plasterers

No wonder there is so little press about a conservative accusing a Gubernatorial candidate of getting her freak on in the backseat of her Escalade!

A little “backseat Mamba” with somebody you’re not married to…

Just can’t compete!

No idea whether any of the accusations against candidate Haley are true – or just your typical nasty right-wing campaign smear turned against one of their own. What is inherently consistent here is the conservative violent and puerile reaction to a person of (in Haley’s case, dubious) color winning a major political seat – much in the same way the right has reacted to the Obama Presidency. Now, Haley is no heroine – in that she chose to politically sleep with these conservative racist scumbags in the first place. But the campaign against her, by other conservatives seems more than a bit over the top…

And consistent.

Blogger offers affidavit with details about alleged affair with married SC gov. nominee Haley

In an affidavit to a group of Republican activists critical of Haley, Will Folks states he had “romantic encounters” with the state representative in her Cadillac SUV, his apartment and her Statehouse office. He said the physical relationship ended in June 2007, when he began dating the woman who is now his wife.

“Rep. Haley specifically requested that I notify her in the event this relationship was getting serious so that she could ‘back off,'” the statement reads.

Haley’s campaign again denied all of Folks’ claims, which were made without any proof.

“There is something about the days just before an election that make certain people want to get back in the newspapers,” said Haley campaign manager Tim Pearson. “These accusations weren’t true in June, they aren’t true now, and those who continue to be fixated on this nonsense really should look into getting some professional help.”

Folks, 36, provided the three-page affidavit to the two-week-old group calling itself Conservatives for Truth in Politics, which is questioning Haley on various issues. It was sworn before a South Carolina notary public and signed by both but is not filed in any court.

The conservative group is clearly critical of Haley but says it will not endorse either her or her opponent, Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen. Lobbyist Larry Marchant, who came forward to say he had a one-night stand with Haley in 2007, told The Associated Press he, too, will provide an affidavit to the group.


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