Putting Some Fun Back In Flying

04 Oct

Through the years, I’ve flown a lot of miles. Nothing is more boring than hearing the “Safety Lecture” at the beginning of each flight for the 596th time. Occasionally, I’ve run into a flight crew who have spiced things up – sometimes with a little comedy – such as on the now defunct Independence Air which featured Safety Announcements from celebrities, and a United Air Crew on the way to Chicago who were a delight. Really serious frequent flyers will sometimes pick a flight, or be loyal to a particular airline because they know the flight crews are top notch. Sometimes a great Flight Crew can make all the difference between your average horrendous travel experience, and a great start to a trip.

This crew on Cebu Pacific puts a little fun back in flying, with their Air Safety Routine done to a Lady Gaga tune:

Sure as heck beats the cattle car…

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