Why We Are Never Going To Have That Talk…

10 Aug

There will never be an “honest discussion on race” with conservatives…

Because conservatives are fundamentally dishonest on race.

This screed, by Dennis Prager illustrates that exactly.

Liberals Dishonestly Describe Connecticut Murders

By Dennis Prager

After 50 years of being inundated with stories of white racism, and being taught in college that in this white-dominated society, only a white can be a racist, the American public has been properly brainwashed into accepting the otherwise incredible: A black man murdered eight white people at his place of work because they were white, and the media story is about the murderer’s alleged experiences of racism.

“50 years of stories of being inundated with stories of white racism”? Prager sets the stage right off here for two core conservative memes – “black people are whiners”, and “white people are victims”. Essentially without “victims” you cannot have modern conservatism. The etymology of such “victimhood” is disturbing, originating from the bowels of the white supremacist groups, who found “white victimology” as an effective recruiting tool – just as Hitler found German victimization by Jews prior to WWII fertile ground for Nazi recruitment. Thus you hav a core belief set which turns every shred of objective reality, whether scientific and social research,  statistical data collected by dozens of governmental or commerical entities, and analysis…

Utterly and completely on it’s head. Truth here, even if buttressed on the foundation of science and mathematical certainty… Is irrelevant. Blame the victims, and claim vicitmology!

Here’s the Associated Press Report from Aug. 7, four days after the murders. It was reprinted in The Washington Post and throughout America:

“To those closest to him, Omar Thornton was caring, quiet and soft-spoken … But underneath, Thornton seethed with a sense of racial injustice for years that culminated in a shooting rampage Tuesday in which the Connecticut man killed eight and wounded two others at his job at Hartford Distributors in Manchester before killing himself.

“‘I know what pushed him over the edge was all the racial stuff that was happening at work,’ said his girlfriend, Kristi Hannah.

“‘He always felt like he was being discriminated (against) because he was black,’ said Jessica Anne Brocuglio, his former girlfriend. ‘Basically they wouldn’t give him pay raises. He never felt like they accepted him as a hard working person.’

“‘Thornton changed jobs a few times because he was not getting raises, Brocuglio said.”

The New York Times Aug. 3 headline read: “Troubles Preceded Connecticut Workplace Killing,” and in the second paragraph, the Times reported:

“He might also have had cause to be angry: he had complained to his girlfriend of being racially harassed at work, the woman’s mother said, and lamented that his grievances had gone unaddressed.”

On Aug. 7, 2010, The Washington Post headline read, “Beer warehouse shooter long complained of racism.”

Of course, Thornton was fired for stealing beer, and there was video proof of him doing so. But this fact — the one indisputable and most pertinent pre-murder fact — got lost within the larger context of Thornton’s claims of being a victim of whites.

Those preoccupied with Thornton’s charges of workplace racism might wish to reflect on this: Racist and other bigotry-based murderers always blame their victims. Medieval Christians who murdered Jews blamed the Jews for poisoning wells, baking Christian children’s blood in their matzo or some other terrible crime. Whites who lynched blacks blamed those blacks for rape or some other crime. Nothing is new about the Thornton racist murders except that the society in which in it occurred concentrated on the racist’s excuses rather than on his murders.

ONLY those folks who murder because of race? What about the guy down at Ft. Hood – who murdered because he was a whackjob who felt he was persecuted by Christians and Jews? Or – the Va Tech Killer, who murdered because he was a whackjob, and his motive… Well they’ve never figured out his motive, but from his self published manifesto we get – “”You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option…You just loved to crucify me. You loved inducing cancer in my head, terror in my heart and ripping my soul all this time”.”

Two things Mass Killers all have in common with conservatives… They blame their victims for their actions. The second thing Mass Killers have in common with each other is severe psychological problems, which means that whatever persecution they feel they were subjected to…

Doesn’t have to be real, like that of conservatives… Or even make any sense! The third major trait among Mass Killers…

Is unlike conservatives they almost always have the good sense to kill themselves.

Just as leading liberals would not ascribe Islamist motives — until there was no possibility of denying them — to recent Muslim attacks on Americans, the liberal media, i.e., almost all news media in America, does not brand these Connecticut murders for what they are: racist. That is why Thornton told the 9-1-1 operator, “I wish I could have gotten more of the people (i.e., whites).”

Here’s a hint in that desperate conservative search for “racism”. The “rationale” doesn’t have to be correct, it doesn’t have to be PC, it doesn’t have to make sense…

Because of the operative word “crazy”!

Don’t you just hate it when everybody else “gets it” the first time! And doesn’t need it repeated to them in small words?

It doesn’t matter whether Thornton thought the white folks he worked with were racists. It doesn’t even matter whether his feeling had a basis in reality – because none of it justifies Mass Murder! I mean we are emotionally stunned with each new occurrence of Mass Killer behavior, whether the guy who stabbed children in Day Care over in Europe, or the Professor who murdered her coworkers in Atlanta – and spin our wheels in the emotional rubble trying to understand that which is by definition not-understandable, filtering through the Killer’s past…

But that is hardly a justification for murder.

We are repeatedly told by liberal whites and blacks that America needs an honest dialogue on race. Needless to say, they don’t mean it because the moment a white or black says anything critical of black behavior, he is labeled racist or Uncle Tom. So most non-liberal whites and blacks just keep quiet.

I have always felt it was amusing that the same conservatives who fought “valiantly” against PC, now are self described victims. I mean, I can go to a cocktail party and describe someone’s wife as “fat”, instead of “thick” – and possibly receive a punch on the nose from an aggrieved husband. The fact that you have the right and ability to say it, doesn’t remove the right of anyone else to respond, or even respond on less than PC terms. If she looks like Queen Latifah, and I describe her as an “ugly short fat white wench”, I’ve compounded the insult by adding an 2 untruths (Latifah isn’t ugly or short), a half truth (she may factually be part white), a “PC Violation”, and an insult (and my nose isn’t feeling any better!)…

Which also happens to be the exact construct of a racist conservative (or “Uncle Tom’s) “anything critical of black behavior”.  The first issue being that “black behavior” described by conservative racists (OMG! I said the “r” word!)  such as Mr. Prager is defined as the actions of a small percentage of the black population, wrapped under the all encompassing umbrella of “black behavior”. Stereotyping is a characteristic of a racist. Have you ever seen a conservative or black “liberal” write or publish a book about white crime in America? A “Color of Crime” in whiteface? You can use exactly the same statistical flim-flam, and pseudo-scientific analysis to paint a picture of white depravity. DWI? You have a higher chance of getting killed in 99.5% white Wyoming by a Drunk Driver, than getting shot and killed as a black man in all but 3 Urban Areas in our country.

Anyone ever figured out yet why that isn’t a crisis of white America?

The truth about black America is there is a good deal of dysfunction wrapped up in a very small portion of the population – the urban poor. Urban environments – a place where the majority of black folks don’t live anymore. “I don’t care if you a multimillionaire, live in a 8 figure mansion, and are married to the Queen of England – you are guilty of something!”…

Or in the non-PC conservative PC Context – “You’re still a N*(^*(r”. Read the part again about the fat chick to figure out where that one leads.

One result is this morally upside-down reporting of the murders in Connecticut.

How exactly does it become a “moral” issue only when the crazy person’s “reason” is race? (Or Muslim, since Islamics are one of the the new N*&^**a.) Is reporting that the Va Tech Killer murdered his classmates because “You just loved to crucify me.” a moral issue? Why exactly is a nutcase. claiming racism as the cause of his craziness – elevated to the level of moral debate?

Unless one has no morals about the issue in the first place!

Damn! There goes another pair of Size 13, steel toe, Made in the USA, Broghans!

BTx3 regulars, with the downturn in the economy, and cost of boots… I’ve gotta stop.

Can you guys give a brother a hand here and take care of the rest?

Another example is the liberal narrative on blacks in prison — “there are more black men in prison than in college.” Every decent American regards this fact as a major tragedy. But most Americans believe that the fault lies primarily with the black criminals, not with a racist society. Most Americans believe that blacks who mug, rape, rob or murder commit those crimes for the same reason whites do — they lack a sufficiently strong moral conscience.

But the dominant liberal narrative is that while white criminals are criminals, black criminals are largely victims.

Another example was the liberal narrative of the 1992 “Rodney King” riots in Los Angeles. It was perfectly expressed by the major newspaper of that city, the Los Angeles Times. During the riots, in which innocent Koreans, whites and others were beaten, maimed and killed, and innocent businesses burned to the ground, the daily special section on the riots in the Los Angeles Times was titled “Understanding the Rage.” When blacks riot, whites are the reason. When a black murders eight whites in Connecticut, whites are the reason.

One terrible consequence of this liberal attitude toward black violent crime is that too many blacks come to believe that less is expected of them morally than from whites. And the truth is that most Americans on the left do expect less from blacks.

But saying any of this gets us nowhere because it is simply labeled racism. If you don’t believe me, check leftist reactions to this column on the Internet.

Most liberal leaders want an honest dialogue about race as much as they want to honestly describe the murders in Connecticut.


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3 responses to “Why We Are Never Going To Have That Talk…

  1. brotherbrown

    August 10, 2010 at 10:27 PM

    It’s Prager, nothing to see here.

    You know where I’m going to go with this, right? Could Thornton have murdered 8 people in such short order without easy, unrestricted access to guns? But that narrative does not fit Prager’s (or any conservative’s) rant.

    (For the record, if anyone ever hits you with that, ‘more black men in prison than college’ line, clarify for them the stats: there are more black men age 18 to 24 in college than prison, because that is college age.)


    • btx3

      August 10, 2010 at 11:03 PM

      You are familiar with this clown. Good!


  2. brotherbrown

    August 11, 2010 at 1:11 AM

    He’s one of the LA talkradio pukes whose anti-black rants are common.



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